What Are The Basic Features Of Social Media Management Apps?

Parental control apps can be one of the most useful and efficient parenting devices that you can invest in. They are features that can be incorporated into digital television, computers, mobile phones and video games, allowing parents to limit the access of certain content to their kids. With all of the ways that your kids are exposed to media it is important for you as a parent to be able to control what they view and what they don’t. Today, there are a number of different parental control apps available which make controlling access to media so much easier.

Probably one of the most common features of parental control apps is the ability to limit the amount of time that kids are online. In today’s world, we all need to spend time with our kids and social media just makes that easier (and more importantly, safer). You want to make sure that your kids are not spending too many hours online and this is a great way to do that. An effective parental control app will log and record the time that kids spend on each social media platform and the frequency of this logging. The logs can then be sent to your email or you can choose to have detailed reports emailed to you.

The second most common feature that you can find in parental control apps is the ability to track and monitor chat sessions. There are several unique features that make this possible including: multiple os monitoring, internet availability and screen shots, as well as the ability to view screenshots of the screen. If you aren’t familiar with multiple os monitoring, it is a unique feature that allows you to monitor how your kids use the internet and more.

The final feature that most parental control apps will provide is screen shots. Screen shots are simply images that show you exactly what is displayed on the screen of your smartphone or tablet device. If you don’t know anything about how these images are created or what they might look like, you should read my previous article about How To Choose The Best Parental Control App. Regardless of the specific features you are looking for in an app, you should always look for screenshots in the reviews. This will ensure that you are getting what you are paying for.

The final feature that you should be aware of are screen shots and screenshots. Even if you aren’t comfortable with using the camera function on your phone, most parental control apps will also allow you to take screen shots of everything that is going on with the app. Screenshots are crucial because they let you see the exact activity that is occurring. This is especially important if you want to monitor how your children use your social media system. You can also find different screen shots in most parental control apps and you can select which ones you want to keep private and which ones you want to share with others.

Finally, you will want to make sure that any time a child does not abide by the “share with friends” rule, they are blocked. Many times this is done through a feature called geofencing. When your child is not allowed to go onto a certain social media site because they broke the rule, you will receive an email from the company letting you know about it. You can then choose to send them a message asking them to be less “risky” on the social network or you can block them from ever accessing the site again.