Top Parental Control Apps for Smartphones

Today, there are a handful of really good parental control applications for Windows, with most of them allowing you to set up filters to block inappropriate content and view the history of the computer used by the child. However, many programs are missing one fundamental aspect: integration with real-time location tracking. Most of the top parental control programs on the market today only tell you that your child is online but do not allow you to see where they are. This information is necessary in allowing you to set up filters and block inappropriate content.

The best of the top parental control apps offer full integration with Google Map and allows you to set screen time limits and block certain sites. Many programs also offer geofencing – a feature which allows you to set a limit to how many times a site is opened on the home PC. With this feature you can limit the amount of time your child is online at any given time. Another popular feature that most top parental control apps offer is the ability to track your child’s location. You can see where they are on a map as well as what their exact location is at any given time.

While some of the top parental control apps have the best screen time limits and geofencing features, the best parental control apps still require the use of a web browser. This is because a web browser is the most convenient way to access tracking features offered by online parental control programs. Most of the leading programs offer Google Maps, so that you can access tracking features through your Google account. Of course, while you can always run a manual search of your child’s internet history to see what sites they’ve visited, sometimes the best tool is to know exactly where they’ve been.

Tracking your child’s internet activity is not only important for parents who are concerned about inappropriate websites being accessed by their children, it is also extremely important for those who use parental controls on smartphones. For instance, internet usage by children has dramatically increased over the past few years, especially with the amount of time that most teenagers spend on smartphones. With this in mind, one of the most innovative and best parental controls available on the market is known as the Simplify parental controls smartphone software.

Simplify is an exceptional smartphone security app that not only allows you to manage and block unwanted websites that your children may visit, but it also provides additional features and benefits that are designed to be especially beneficial to parents. One of the most important functions of the Simplify parental control app is the ability to block specific social networking sites. With this feature, you can limit who your children can contact, and even whose text messages they can send and receive. Additionally, Simplify provides a screen saver that displays the activities that your children are doing on their phones, so you don’t need to waste time manually blocking different apps on each phone. Simplify can also be used to monitor and log general internet activity on all of your devices.

In addition to the filtering capabilities of Simplify, the parent’s profile can be enhanced so that they can create different profiles for different types of situations. For example, there are “all time favorite” and “all time dislikes” profiles that can be created so that you can better manage how your child utilizes the device. You can also set Simplify to block specific types of apps that may be downloaded onto the device or installed locally. Simplify can be used as a standalone parental control app or as a part of an overall parental control system for multiple devices.