The Best Spy Apps for Smartphones

If you are like millions of mobile users, you probably are looking for a way to improve your hearing while traveling. There is a variety of hearing aides that are available to choose from in the market, but what about if you have a hearing problem? Ear Spy App will give you the opportunity to spy on others around you, regardless of whether they are in front of you or behind you. You just need to install the free version of this amazing application.

– Pro: With the help of this monitoring application, you will be able to turn your mobile phone into a device that can be used as a listening device. It is very similar to the iPhone’s mobile phone spy technology. The feature monitors nearby noise levels and automatically adjusts the volume of your music according to the level of ambient noise. This is the most advanced version of mSpy, the best iPhone application of its kind that also integrates with other popular mobile applications to allow instant synchronization.

– Facebook Phone Calls: You can also monitor what people in your social network are saying about you. Just download the free version of Ear Spy App to your phone, and then install the Facebook Phone Calls version. When you feel that you need to make some phone calls, simply look at the phone call list and you will see the names of all people that called you last night. If there are a lot of people in your social network that are constantly talking about you, its a good sign that you may want to attract them to your company’s page or website.

– MSpy Camera: Unlike the iPhone, the Samsung Windows Mobile Smartphone offers a dedicated camera input instead of the regular camcorder input. This is very useful if you want to keep track of your kids, or just remember those rare occasions when you took photos of something really important. You can set the S Pen feature of the Smartphones to take pictures automatically when you touch the screen. The main disadvantage of the S Pen is that it tends to slip out of your fingers and go past the right part of the camera lens. This can be quite embarrassing if you are attending an important meeting or presentation. Thus, for situations like this, the iPhone is your best option.

– Google Android Browser: One of the most popular and useful features of the Google Android Smartphone is the Graphic Audio Equalizer. This is a unique feature of Google Android which allows you to tweak the quality of the sound to enhance the quality of video or music downloads from the web. If you have downloaded high-quality videos or games from the internet, chances are that they are not available on your phone. By using the graphic equalizer, you can finally make these downloads easily available on your Android phone.

All in all, the Google Android spy app does provide you with useful functionality, although it does have some drawbacks as well. It’s only a matter of personal preference as to whether you would rather use this particular app or not. For example, if you want to take photos and videos with high quality but low-quality audio, then the Google Android camera would be more suitable for you. Also, if you need the ability to fine-tune the sound volume of your phone, the Graphic Audio Equalizer app is not suitable for you. But if you are one of those individuals who just needs to be able to control the sound volume of your phone even when the phone is off, the Graphic Audio Equalizer app could be perfect for you.