Do you need youtube parental controls, well yes if you have kids, how to use it, and what about mobile devices restricted mode? keep on reading to find the answers.

Youtube parental controls
Youtube parental controls | Image by Thom Sibent from Pixabay

YouTube is undoubtedly the most famous online video platform in the world. Every day, millions of people view the content hosted there, and, of that number of people, many are minors.

However, on this website, many videos are inappropriate for minors, so it is advisable to activate YouTube Parental Controls so that parents, teachers, or anyone who takes care of a child can have peace of mind about the browsing of the minor in this platform.

How to Use YouTube Parental Controls?

The best way to filter YouTube videos is through a tool called “Restricted Mode.” It is an option that limits access to content hosted there and that are not suitable or do not meet the conditions for a minor to view them.

YouTube explains that this option hides videos that may contain inappropriate content, but it must be borne in mind that this filter is not 100% accurate. Still, it explains that it works in most cases.

To enable “Restricted Mode,” you will need to open a new tab in your browser and go to the YouTube website. Log into your account and click on the icon with your account that will appear in the upper right corner.

In the menu on your screen, choose the option “Restricted mode: deactivated.”

The next window will show a message that explains what it will consist of activating the “Restricted Mode” option. To activate it, click on the switch. The message also warns you that this option will be active only in that browser.

This means that every time your son or daughter picks up a device, you will have to repeat this same process if you want the “Restricted Mode” option to be activated.

Enable “Restricted Mode” on Mobile Devices

If your son or daughter wants to access YouTube from a smartphone or tablet, you will have to make adjustments similar to those you have made in the browser version.

Go to the YouTube app and tap on your account icon in the upper right corner. Then select ‘Settings> General’. Swipe until you find the “Restricted Mode” option and flip the switch. You will know that it has been activated if it appears in blue.

For greater security, we recommend repeating the same process in the different browsers of the device.

This service is totally free.

YouTube Kids

Depending on your children’s age, the YouTube Kids app (available for iOS and Android) is the best option to protect your child from inappropriate content. However, the content is intended for infants who are still of preschool age.

In general, it is a highly recommended app, it includes videos of children’s songs and colorful characters, but we still recommend monitoring the content since, in some cases, videos have been filtered that should not be in a children’s section.

Advantages of Parental Control on YouTube

  1. Greater peace of mind for parents and guardians.
  2. Navigation in the portal according to age.
  3. Appropriate content according to the age of the minor.
  4. Restriction to videos with adult content.

Ready! You can now activate these tools which can help you a lot to protect your children since there are many videos, which can be offensive for many people or simply inappropriate for the little ones.

And finally, remember that the best guide and the only infallible parental control is you.