Parental Control Software for Windows

When it comes to parenting, like Parental Control Software for Windows, then you need to take advantage of the parental controlling features which will help to protect your family from dangerous sites and harmful content. If you are a window user than setting a family safety account can be helpful for you as it allows the parents to block games, sites, or apps and in addition, it also provides a unique feature like checking reports based on online activities.

Parental Control Software for Windows
Parental Control Software for Windows | Image by Vidmir Raic from Pixabay

If you think you need to have more options for the parental controls, then you need to go for the parental control software for windows. If you are using windows version more than 7, then it allows you to use parental control. Microsoft offers various parental controls options to keep your child safe from accessing the bad content.

There are various options you can use in the parental control software for windows such as monitoring on the web content and filtering the sites. The process is simple, but you need to learn all the information regarding parental controlling to make it look simple. Let us learn how you can use the software in windows.

Using it in window 10

In Windows 10 system, you can easily use the parental control software; let us learn how you can enable the software.

You need to go to the setting option and then open the account section and select the family and other people option. When the message box will appear, then you have to click on the managing family setting online.

When you log into the account and then try to log into your child account, you will find a list of the entire family member connected to it and try to follow all the process.

Using it in windows 8

If you want to use parental control software for windows 8, then you need to create an account for your kid. It is necessary for you as to when your children use the computer then he/she will be able to use the pc in a filter mode.

The app will allow you to use some of the features like,

  • Time limits

It will help you to know about the time which your kid spent while using the pc and you will be able to customize the time.

  • Filtering web

You can easily block some of the sites and prevent them from downloading bad content.

  • Restricting apps

You have the option to customize the apps that your child can use while operating the pc.

These all are the options which will help you to use the parental control software for windows.

Why do you need to use the parental control software for windows?

You will not be able to know about your child online activity on the computer if you don’t have the right parental software. Let us discuss why you need to have the parental control software for windows for tracking on your child’s online activities on the computer.


The best part of using parental software is that it provides filters. It will give you access to block the keywords, sites, and some other programs. You have the option to build your own list to make your child to see that customized content. The best part is that you can quickly customize your list, which means that you can add or subtract any of the items in it.

When your child tries to access to that content then it will show an error on the page and your kid will not be able to open it, and they will never know that you have restricted the site or content. You can also block some of the dynamic traffic likes email, instant messaging, newsgroup, and peer to peer hosting.

Sometimes the filter is not only the option for blocking the bad content as you have to know about the other features of the parental control software for windows. You need to update the filters weekly to create a great impact on blocking the content.

It is best for you to get the right software to have all the great features and you can also block the usage time of the computer. You can also customize it in the settings options.


It is the best thing which is provided by the parental control software for windows as they will block the sites or other users to have the access of your child’s information like, name, address and some of the other personal information.


It will be best for you to know that there are some of the browsers which are specially created for the children. The best part about them is that they already have built-in filters and restrictions to deny your child for accessing the bad content. If you installed the parental control software for windows, then you don’t have to worry about the child as it will block all the contents which are restricted by you.

Real-time data:

You will be able to see the real-time data on your device, which will help you to know about each detail about your children activity. You can also see the content which is viewed by your child and the time he/she spend on the social media platform.

Protect from scammers and bullies:

The parental control software for windows will protect your child from getting trapped in malicious activity, and it will also let you know which sites or users are trying to attack your kid. This could be the best thing as you can talk with your child to let them know about these harmful sites and bad offers.

These all are the great feature of using the parental control software for windows, and if you are not using it, then you don’t know about your child’s activities online. If you want to protect your child from these harmful things, then you need to use the best parental software on your computer. The parental control software will be the best thing you can do to save your child.

Google Parental control

Google Parental control is a helpful tool that will assist you in blocking a certain website that is unsuitable for the children’s.

Google Parental control
Google Parental control | Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

The Internet has fairly become the most important tool for learning and entertaining.  Some parents always want to know what their children’s are doing on the Internet.  If you are giving freedom to your kids, then it is your responsibility to restrict them from talking with strangers.  Therefore, using parental control applications would be reliable for you. These particular tools will enable you to monitor certain activities of the children’s without knowing them.

Make sure that you are a child isn’t accessing dangerous content like racist, violent, and hateful as well.  By availing a Google, parental control, parents can easily monitor certain activities of their children. It is your responsibility to respect the privacy of kids. Here I have recapitulated crucial things that a person should consider while using a Google parental control application.

Monitor the devices:

With the help of Google Parental Control, one can easily monitor activities on iPhones, Ipads, and other important devices. Check out the app store and supervise crucial things like social media activities, Crucial Messages, Emails, and other essential things.  Just in case, if your child is searching regarding drugs, then you will surely get a particular popup within a fraction of seconds.  User will able to access certain vital information like passwords, Email address, History, and other features. 

Track the location:

Parental control is associated with a GPS application that will assist you in tracking the location of children’s.  Whenever the kids are having in an emergency situation, then you will surely get a particular notification. To track the location of kids, then you need to turn on the gadget.  However, if possible, then a person should talk related to the safety measures with kids. You should recommend them to avoid tagging location on social networking sites. Therefore, one should customize the privacy settings according to the requirements. 

Block various features in Games:

Lots of gaming consoles always come with an internet activity that will surely enable your children’s to surf on the internet. They can make a connection with other players using a chat feature. According to professionals, some voice features are making a game so interesting and enjoyable.   Parental control is an essential feature that will let your children access limited features in the game. Therefore, it is your responsibility to monitor the crucial activities of the kids.

Supervise the Search Engines:

Search Engine is relatively helpful in finding every single detail within a fraction of seconds. Kids will able to access inappropriate content with ease.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to make the use of Google’s SafeSearch that will assist you in blocking the adult content, inappropriate images, Sexual Videos, and other dangerous things. It is relatively best application as kids will surely able to make the use of limited websites on Google.

Customization is Needed:

According to professionals, a person will able to customize the parental control application as per their requirements.  One can block inappropriate content, set a particular time limit of the screen, and track the whereabouts with ease.  You can set up the different profiles for every member of the family.  It is your responsibility to set everything according to the age limit of a person.

Learn something important:

Google parental control is a relatively great tool that will assist you in developing positive parenting techniques in parents. Therefore, it is highly recommended that parents should make the use of a premium version that would be helpful in unlocking lots of premium features with ease.  This particular application is relatively great that will prevent social media accounts from the unethical hacking. You will able to block the access of pornographic material from Google.  If you are making the use of such an application, you will surely get to know about several hackers.

Backup crucial Data:

These days, the majority of the kids are making the use of the internet to complete essential homework and projects as well.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to back up their crucial data in a reliable place.  Lots of applications are out there that are associated with dangerous malware and viruses as well.  Kids always have a particular collection of important like pictures, emails, and texts.  If you don’t want to compromise the data and want to keep a particular backup of the data, then using parental control application would be reliable for you.

Set the time limit of usage:

Kids are using or Smartphone or other gadgets for a lot of time.  If you want to break such addiction, then it would be better to set a particular screen time limit. Watching shows excessively can lead to a lot of complicated problems like poor eyesight, inappropriate sleep, bad posture, and other tougher issues.  It is relatively one of the best applications that will enable you to set a lot of boundaries. Make sure that kids are spending limited time on social networking sites and Games.

Prevent the hacking related issues:

Nowadays, Cybercrime is on its hype. In order to prevent hacking related problems, then one should enable perfect cyber safety habits.  If you don’t want to compromise the essential information with any person, then using parental control would be reliable for you. All you need to set up the privacy settings properly.

Security and privacy settings:

Parental control considered to be one of the most important applications that will assist you in controlling the activities of the kids.  Hence, you should customize a lot of important things like privacy settings and prevent security threats.

Moving Further,  having a premium subscription of parental control would be helpful in regulating the activities of kids with ease. It is your responsibility to check the activities on a regular basis.  Make sure that you are teaching the importance of safety and other sense to the children.

parental control software

While the internet has completely revolutionized the world, it can expose your kids to online predators or pornographic materials. Thankfully, you can use parental control software to stop them from accessing unacceptable content.

parental control software
parental control software

When buying any software, it’s important that you know the features that best suit your situation. Here is an all-inclusive guide when choosing the best parental control software.

Filtering tools:

Filtering tools allow the parent to block harmful content from the web. This prevents young eyes from seeing content they shouldn’t.

While most software have basic filtering tools, you should go for those that can be customized to suit your needs. This will allow you determine the limits you want to place on your child’s usage.

Choose a spy control software that can block access to websites that show violence, hate, or porn. It should also work with secure HTTPS websites. You may also want to consider those with a safe search feature.

Parental control software monitoring options:

Apart from blocking content, it’s important that you understand what your kids are searching online. The best parental control software should help parents monitor their SMS, social media usage, and other conversations they have online.

Look for tools that allow you to monitor communication and other web activity. Some applications can set a weekly schedule for device usage and internet use.

You may also want to consider those with real-time location monitoring. This feature is particularly useful to those kids who have a habit of playing games when they should be doing their studies.

Multiple platforms:

Nowadays, most devices can access online/ internet content. The best software should cover as many devices as possible from eBook readers to gaming consoles.

This ensures your children are protected, no matter the device they are using. While most software operates as a subscription service, there are some versions that offer basic protection on a limited number of devices.

Besides that, look for a tool that doesn’t limit the number of devices it can protect.

Should allow spying on instant messaging apps and social media:

Most conversations take place on messaging platforms like MySpace, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Viber.

You should choose spy control software that allows you to track images, messages, and videos from instant messaging apps.

Social media tracking will also give a glimpse of your child’s social life so you can keep an eye on potentially dangerous conversations.

This information should be accessible from a computer or mobile device. It’s important that you go through the tutorial to know what the software can do.

Simple to configure:

The software should be relatively easy to set up. You should configure it on a router because it works like a choke point where internet traffic flows through.

Solid support team:

The software should have a good support team to help parents use the different features with ease. The company should have a responsive staff to guide users in everything they need to keep their children in check.

Final thoughts:

Sometimes, it might be difficult to track what your kids are doing on the internet. To protect them from an acceptable content or limit the time they spend online, you need parental control software.

To pick the best, you should pay special attention to content filtering, social media management, and time limits. We recommend that you follow the above guide before making your investment decision.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay