Are you searching for the best child computer monitoring software? Supervise your children On the Internet! Covering 8 software.

Monitoring kid’s behavior on the Internet is never easier as parents should find out the best child computer monitoring software.  Nowadays, kids are spending a significant amount of time on their smartphones and other gadgets. 

They didn’t have single minutes for their parents. Internet is already packed with lots of inappropriate or illegal content that is creating a negative effect on their minds. Make the use of monitoring applications like Google parental control that will enable you to supervise the activities of children with ease.

Varieties of applications are available for Android, IOS gadgets, and Windows as well.  lots of parents want to monitor their kid’s activities on the gadget. It has become important to supervise the activities as it is a matter of their future.  Following are someone of the best child computer monitoring application that would be beneficial for you. 

K9 Web Protection

Lots of best child computer monitoring software available on the internet and K9 Web Protection is one of them. In order to supervise the activities of kids, then using such an application would be reliable for you as it is providing real-time protection and available for Android, iPhone, and Windows. With the help of K9 Web, protection user will able to monitor following things like-

  • Customize the privacy settings
  • Set screen time  limit
  • Block inappropriate content, dangerous applications or websites

Norton Online Family

Nothing is better than parental applications like Norton online Family that is a relatively great application in supervising important activities of the children. With the help of such an application, you will able to monitor almost two applications at a single time. One will able to monitor the social activities and will able to block harmful content from the website.  Here are some essential features of Norton online family-

  • Access the location of the children’s using GPS
  • Keep track the essential things like messages, phone calls, and other essential things
  • Check out the social activity of users

Family Time

In order to access the vital details from the children’s phone, then using Family time would be reliable for you. It is a perfect application that is providing crucial details like social app, Call history and other essential details.  This particular application is available for IOS and Android as well.  It is a user-friendly software that is offering a considerable amount of potential benefits to the users.  Family Time is offering-

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Easily supervise the activities and block certain websites
  3. Make the use of Geo-Fencing feature

It is considered as one of the best application that will assist you in customizing the time limit of each application.  Family time is the best child computer monitoring software that will surely assist you in blocking porn or inappropriate websites.

Net Nanny

Nothing is better than a website like Net Nanny that is helpful in filtering the websites and supervising crucial activities of the children. This particular software is compatible with Mac, Android, and Windows as well.  With the help of such an application, you will able to save the future of the kids.  Net Nanny is a safe application that will automatically block the dangerous or inappropriate content from the device.  It is an award-winning technology application where you will able to get the alerts or reporting and screen time customization as well.  It is associated with some incredible features like-

  • Location Tracking
  • Will block inappropriate content and applications
  • Customization of screen time


When it comes to best child computer monitoring software, then Kidlogger is the first application that is helpful in accessing a complete web history and other activities of the social networking sites. It will enable you to supervise the keystrokes of the kids. This application is recording mandatory activities like outgoing or incoming messages along with phone numbers. Such software is supervising the activities on the computer.  Following are the pros and cons of Kidlogger like-


  • Control the social media application and web history
  • Monitor lots of important things like Chats, Messages, Calls  and essential activities
  • Customize the time controls

MSpy Parental Control

MSpy is one of the great parental control applications that come with a lot of incredible features. You will able to install such software within a fraction of seconds.  A person can easily view essential things like-

  • Real-Time Location of User
  • Messages
  • Call history

If you want to unlock further features, then one should make the use of a premium version that is proven to be beneficial.  By availing filtering feature, one can easily block lots of dangerous websites.

Screen Limit

These days, lots of kids are using Smartphones for almost six to seven hours on a regular basis. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to set their phone screen limits. All you need to make the use of a website like Screen limit that is compatible with Windows, IOS, and Android as well.  There are some basic features of such application as-

  • Offering a cross-platform feature that will let you set up the time limit of screen
  • Access essential things like Messages, Phone call history, and other things
  • Try to block Social networking sites

After downloading the screen limit, you have to customize a lot of important things on the phone of kids.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

In order to monitor activities of kids using the Kaspersky Safe kids that are automatically blocking the inappropriate websites from their phone.  It is a genuine application that will assist you in accessing the real-time location of the kids.  All you need to download such an application from the Play Store on your phone. 

Conclusive words

Lastly, these are some best child computer monitoring software that is offering lots of benefits to the users. If you are using an anyone application, then one will able to access lots of things like Call, message history, Browsing history, screen time features, and other important things with ease.