Setting Parental Controls on Your Laptop or Smartphone

setting parental controls

Setting Parental Controls on Your Laptop or Smartphone

Setting parental controls on a Chromebook is an effective means of keeping children safe while surfing the Web. Parents can set limits on what their children view on the web. This can in effect protect children from harmful Internet content and even protecting their own personal security. But setting parental controls on a Chromebook isn’t enough to keep children safe. In this day and age, many teenagers are comfortable using the web to meet friends and flirt. All too often, there isn’t a close connection between that use of the web and responsible use of technology.

A second problem that comes from too much internet browsing on a chromebook is the danger of exposing children to spyware. Even if your child doesn’t have any interest in the dark world of spyware or adware, he or she may download a malicious application that invades their privacy. Some forms of spyware can be removed by an expert, but it is very difficult to identify them. Without proper internet browsing software that can run on a Chromebook, you are left vulnerable to spyware infections.

One of the least noticeable problems that can occur with parental controls is allowing television shows and movies to stream to a device used for web browsing. Many apps that allow streaming services are excellent, but some are simply not. Apps that are vulnerable to television shows and movies include OnLive, Viber, GoToMeeting, and Skype.

In order to help protect your children and keep them safe, you should consider setting parental controls for all of the devices that they use. Of course, setting controls on individual devices is preferable, but there is no reason you should avoid connecting all of their electronic devices to your laptop. For example, many school-aged children come home from school and want to watch a TV show. You can connect their computer to your television with a USB cable and play the show for them. Of course, this setting will only work if you have also set up the television’s security features to protect it from strangers.

A secondary concern with letting your children use their laptops and other internet-connected devices is that you do not have any way to check to see whether they are using your device or not. Without parental control, you cannot be sure that they are viewing inappropriate material. By connecting the devices to a private network, you can be sure that everything they do is managed in a secure environment. Most internet service providers offer parental control functionality through their websites, but if your child is using a smartphone or another device that is not offered through your service provider, you can find a smartphone control app that works well with most smartphones. Apps such as TheseFree Kids Safe TV App for iPhone and X BlackBerry help protect your kids while they enjoy their shows and videos.

Setting up these types of controls saves you time. No longer will you need to run an inspection session every few minutes just to make sure that your kids are not watching something that is too adult. The blocks can be customized to block inappropriate content based on your own preferences, which means that you can set restrictions that are different depending on how long you want the filters to block individual channels or specific IPs. Parental controls can ensure that you have complete control over what your children watch, so you no longer need to worry about the time limits placed on internet usage. You can monitor exactly how much time is being spent on your child’s devices.