Safari for the iPhone – Private Browsing With Parental Controls

Let safari parental controls help you limit your child’s internet access while on a safari. Designed for the new iPhone, this application lets you monitor what your child is doing on his or her mobile phone. Tap the screen to show the full page of the Safari web browser. How to use SAFARI Parental Control on iPhone: Tap the screen time and then tap “All Apps”. Tap “Parental Control” to turn it on or off. To restrict certain applications or web pages, just tap the screen and select “Content Restriction”.

Tap the lock icon to enter the safari parental controls. This new user interface allows you to set up categories of websites that can be viewed. To restrict which contacts can be accessed, just tap “Contacts”. To change the language setting, just tap the “Settings” icon.

In addition to the basic settings that are available in the “Settings” app, iPhone users will now also be able to set up their own personal safari settings to limit the amount of time and sites downloaded from the internet. The iPhone’s multi-touch functionality allows kids to surf the net while on the go. However, it is important to remember that kids under the age of 13 should only access certain applications or web pages that are offered in the iTunes store.

The iPhone’s built-in safari parental controls allow kids to set up a privacy restriction so that only selected contacts can view their photo albums and incoming e-mails. To turn these features on or off, a child needs to touch one of the three buttons: Shared Contacts, Manage Shared Contacts, or Block All Contacts. To undo any changes, a parent has to touch one of the buttons again. Kids can still view all their e-mail, calendar, and contacts regardless of whether they have permission to do so or not.

A newer addition to safari parental controls for the iPhone is the ability to set up screen time limits. Kids can now set a specific amount of time that they want to block websites. Whenever they go outdoors, they can now restrict where their kids can go online. To do this, they simply touch the icon with their finger as they are on the home screen of the iPhone, and a pop-up window will appear asking them if they want to block websites.

Safari for the iPhone is a remarkable device that allows you to browse the web while you’re out on the town. It is also an efficient means of surfing the web while traveling. However, it is important to remember that even kids who know how to use private browsing modes on the ipod may become careless in a public internet area. With the help of safari for iPhone and the other apps, parents can set limits on screen time so that the kids won’t accidentally access adult sites or other dangerous content. Installing these two easy apps will give you peace of mind as you know your child is in good hands.