Parents Monitoring Social Media With Their Child’s Mobile Phone

Some parents get a bit squeamish about monitoring social networking of their own children. They naturally ask themselves one question at a time: Are these sites truly invasion of the child’s privacy? While it may seem that parental social networking tracking is just about personal privacy; it really is more about your kid s security. After all, did you know that there are predators on the web who specifically target kids through social networking sites?

parents monitoring social media

Many parents monitor social media because they want to keep an eye on their kids internet usage. Most internet service providers block chat rooms, instant messaging and other online applications that can lead to inappropriate Internet usage. With a mobile app for iPhone or Android, parents can also keep track of their kids’ internet usage activities. An example of an app that parents can use is Spybot – a program that spies on text messages and emails sent and received on either an iPhone or Android device.

In addition to spying on texts and emails, some parents monitoring social media also want to keep track of their kids use of YouTube. Most parents know that kids these days tend to spend a lot of time viewing YouTube. Even though most kids do not actually download any videos from YouTube, chances are they are visiting the site in order to watch a funny video or other clips. With a mobile app for iPhone or Android, parents can see which of their kids are spending too much time viewing videos on YouTube and get to the cause of why.

Another reason that parents might want to monitor social media is because they want to make sure that their kid respects their own privacy settings on their phones and on their smart phones. Some kids like to post things online without thinking about the privacy settings on their phones. A couple of parents monitoring social media can check to see if their kid is posting things online or not and then fix the problem by changing the privacy settings to what they want the kids to have access to.

Another reason parents may be interested in a smartphone for them to monitor their kid’s social media is because a toddler or even a pre-teen child has a few favorite toys that they play with on their phone. These could be anything from Pokemon to dolls to Thomas the Train. As a parent, you probably just want to know what is going on with your toddler when they are not home. You can check in on what they are doing online and off. This is especially important if the child you are looking at is not using a secure wireless connection to get online.

The best way for parents to monitor their kids use of social media is through a mobile app. Not only will this give you more insight into your kids’ activity online, but it will allow you to remove their access to certain electronic devices. It is always better for parents to limit the amount of time their kids spend on the internet versus how much time they can be spending on these electronic devices. It is also good to find out why your kid is online in the first place. If they are just playing games, then don’t worry about it.