In this continuously developing world, it is ultimately impossible to monitor and invigilate everything. The same problem is with mobile usage, specifically android phones. People all over the world are addicted to their phones and spend most of their time in a virtual world rather than the actual world. This addiction has not spared the children even. Children spend most of their time on phones, they are not fully grown yet, and their minds and body are 2 times more vulnerable than adults. The radiations coming out of these androids are hazardous in nature and have the potential of disrupting the neural signals of the brain. Recent research suggests that a child’s brain absorbs two times more radiation than an adult brain due to their thinner skull, more absorption power, and relatively smaller size.

Parental authority over the usage of android is very important. As much as these phones have shrunk the world and as much as we love this invention, it has derailed the youth. The non-ionizing radiations coming out of these gadgets are higher in frequency and energy. These radiations are very harmful especially for the children and the unborn babies. The microwave radiations cause degeneration of a protective sheath around the fetus. The crime rate has dramatically increased due to these phones. Free access to pornographic, paedophilic, and abusive content has increased the juvenile tendencies in the youth.

The excessive use of the android is also associated with certain physiological and mental conditions such as low IQ, long or short-sightedness, sleep deprivation, improper mental growth, and other psychological conditions. Researches also suggest that the excessive use of these phones can cause cancers in children and adults. The increasing tiredness and fatigue are also a result of this phone addiction.

Android Monitoring Strategies for Parents:

Keeping in mind these inevitable issues, researchers have developed a number of strategies including some applications that can help parents monitor the usage of the android phone. These parental control apps can increase your sense of control and help you keep an eye on your child. Remember that it is very important to have an open conversation about responsible device usage, so your child does not try to immediately get rid of the app or find an alternative solution to it.

●       Web Filtering:

The most important thing is to filter the content for your child. This web filtering prevents your child from opening any age-inappropriate website. These browsers blocks webs that fall under the banned categories such as gambling, pornography, violence, etc.

●       App Blocking:

The second most important area is to restrict children from using certain apps on the phone. This is specifically useful to the parents who want to prevent their child from using social media apps or messaging services that are difficult to monitor or websites that use VPN to get around to the content. This included applications, such as Boomerang, that blocks every other app that your child installs until you approve it.

●       Time Restriction:

Another easy way is to download time restriction apps over your phones. These apps help reduce the screen time of your children, such as Norton’s family premiere and family time. It specifies the hours of the day that your child can spend on the phone and allows you to schedule a time that you deem appropriate for your child to use their phone.

●       Reporting Locations and Emergencies:

The ideal app is one that can keep track of the child’s location and keep in check the history of their browsers too. Apps like Norton family premiere and Qustodio offer this service. Certain services like Locategy, Boomerang, and Family time allows you to draw geographical boundaries around your child. These apps will trigger a response whenever your child tries to leave a certain geographical location. These apps also allow you to put in an SOS button, in case of any emergency. Whenever the child presses the button, it immediately sends a notification to the parent’s phone and the alarm will keep ringing until the child or the parent presses the turn off button.

Android Monitoring Applications for Parents:

In order to help best protect your child. We are providing you a list of free applications that can keep an eye on our child’s activity, whether they are working on some school project, having a chat with their friends, or just enjoying everything good that the internet has to offer. The protection is not only limited to the phones, but it extends to the MAC, computer, or iPad that your child is using

●       Family Shield by Open DNS:

Family shield is a special service offered by the Open DNS application. It automatically blocks websites or content that falls under the category of pornography, tasteless, abusive, or violent. It blocks content on a router level rather than an individual level.

●       KidLogger:

This app monitors the words that your child types, the website they visit, the programs they use, and the screenshots they take. There is also a sound recorder that activates automatically when your child talks to someone online. This app only covers one device at a time.

●       Spyrix:

Spyrix is a free keylogger. It notifies you about what your kid is typing and if they are in trouble. This app has a bad name because generally it is used by crooks who try to capture the passwords of other people, but it can also be used for your child’s good. It does not stop your child from doing any bad, but it does notify you about what they are up to.

These are just some of the applications that can be used by the parents to monitor their android usage. Others include Qustodio, Kaspersky Safe Kids, Norton, Mobicip etc. These applications not only make this virtual world a safer place for your child, but they also allow your child to take full advantage of this super amazing invention.