Norton family parental control

Norton Family parental control is one of the best parental control software for Android and Windows, in this article, we will give the information you need to know about this



Are you worried about what your child looks at on the internet and on social media? As your children grow, it becomes difficult to restrict them from using mobile devices. To cater to such problems, this technologically-evolved world has brought a number of effective solutions for parents. One such thing is the Norton Family parental control software!

This software allows you to place limits over time as well as content that your child can access. No matter how many devices you want to control, Norton Family delivers it all under a single subscription. Although it is not the cheapest parental control software, the wide range of features that it has to offer makes every dollar worth it.

Let’s look into some of its most significant features, pricing, and compatibility. This will help you figure out if Norton Family is a suitable option for you!

Features of Norton Family

Norton Family offers some amazing services for parents, making it easier to keep an eye on their child’s online activities. Here’s what it has to offer:

Web Filtering and Monitoring

Web filtering and monitoring is the best feature of Norton Family. You can choose the supervision level from high, moderate, or low. High level blocks selected websites; moderate level triggers a warning but allows access while low level only monitors the online activity.

Other than this, you can block certain categories. Norton Family allows you to choose from 48 distinctive categories such as mature content, job search, file sharing, etc.

You can also select the restricted and allowed websites.

Time Limits

You can set the time allowed for each device. You can also schedule the usage for every day. When your children are running out of time, they will get the notification of blocked apps. Even though they can view the House Rules, they cannot change the allowed time.

Texting and Calling Management

Norton Family does not provide very impressive service in this regard. You can monitor the text messages, block certain contacts, and look over new contacts but your child receives a notification that messages are being monitored. Also, it does not monitor MMS.

Norton Family does not allow recording calls or blocking a certain number through an app. So, you cannot prevent your child from calling blocked numbers.


This is the location tracking feature. You can view the current as well as previous locations of your child simply by entering the date and time. This feature is really useful for your children’s safety and in case of emergencies.

Video Supervision

This feature lets you view a small clip from the video your child has watched on YouTube or Hulu. It works on all the devices – Windows, Android, and iOS.

Social Media Supervision

This feature works on Windows only and, since children usually access social media accounts on mobile devices through apps, this feature does not provide any significant value.

Search History

You can easily view whatever your children have searched for. It works on all the devices and creates a work cloud page on the parental interface, making it easy for you to go through the list and details.


Until early 2018, Norton Family was offering free-tier services. Then, it moved to a yearly subscription under the Norton Family Premier. However, now it offers a single subscription option only and has removed Premier from its name. So if you come across the older name, you know what it means.

This yearly subscription comes at US $49.99 per year. The best thing about this subscription is that you can set up unlimited devices and create unlimited children accounts. This is great for large families as well as for families living together. Under this subscription, parents have access to all the features.

Norton keeps introducing various discounts and free-tiers time to time. Keep an eye out to get your hands on any such offer!


When it comes to compatibility, Norton Family parental control software works amazingly well on Android and Windows. It is also compatible with iOS but has limited features to offer there. For instance, Norton Family monitoring software is compatible with Android (4.0 and above), Windows (XP and above), and iOS (9 and above).

However, the parental software only runs on Windows and Android; you cannot install it on iOS.

As for Mac, neither monitoring nor parental software works but you can access the web interface from Mac.

This makes it a great option for Android and Windows users. iOS users need to rethink if they want $49.99 yearly subscription to seek parental control.


Installing, creating accounts, and running Norton Family is exceptionally easy. With its user-friendly web interface, you can navigate and look into everything quite conveniently. The Android parental app, unfortunately, does not have a simple interface. It is best to stick with the web interface if possible.

According to your child’s age, Norton does a great job in setting up some rules by default. This eliminates the need to start everything from scratch. However, you can still go to settings and rules anytime to make any desired changes.

The first thing you need to do is to create your Norton Family account. You can either do it on the web or install the app on your Android or iOS device. Next, add your child or children’s information.

Once children accounts are created, you need to install Norton Family on the devices that your children use. Sign into your account and choose the children using that device. Look into the rules and you are good to go!

Final Words

If you have Android or Windows devices in your household, the Norton Family parental control software is highly cost-efficient and parent-friendly. However, if your children use iOS devices, then you cannot access all the features. As for yourself, you will have to access the parental software through the web.

As far as features are concerned, it offers all the top-notch services that parents desire. From not letting your children share personal information, to accessing healthy content only, parents enjoy the upper hand!