Kids Computer Monitoring Software

Computer Monitoring Software For Parents is one of the products in a very large and competitive market. There are hundreds of options available on the internet for downloading and installing the software. You can easily find the best solution for the monitoring your children activities without taking up too much time.

computer monitoring software for parents

The first point to be understood about PC Surveillance Solution is that it gives you complete power over your computer systems. You can access your files from any pc at any time you like as long as there is internet connection. Another useful feature is the monitoring of key areas such as IM, chat rooms, instant messaging and other online features. The software provides a graphical user interface to easily monitor all the functions on the computer. It includes the complete logs and details regarding the users who are logged on to the system.

Some of the best computer monitoring software for parents include Big Brother Watch, Internet Watch, HijackThis, PC Shower and PC Tools Pro. The best part about these programs is that they work both automatically and manually. Automatic mode works once a week and daily automatically. Manual mode monitors the activity log of a computer using the online portal option. With an internet connected PC or laptop, the activity tracking software becomes active and starts recording all activity on that particular computer.

Internet usage is the basic requirement of having a home computer. In this situation, there are two types of monitoring: one is the online monitoring and the other is the computer usage monitoring. With an online monitoring, you can keep a watch on the websites that your kids visit. For instance, if your child frequently visits kiddie websites, then the site’s age related content should be blocked. The program works on the basis of keywords. So if a keyword is entered, then the website will be checked and a record of that specific keyword will be recorded.

The computer monitoring software for parents uses the Kaspersky anti virus software to keep a tab on the activity logs. If there is any suspicious activity, then it will be logged. These logs are then sent to the email address provided in the registration form. You can get the emails as well as view all the recorded activities on the PC in real time. Parents can use the PC activity logs to check if their kids are being directed to sites that are not allowed by their home rules.

Kids can become very rebellious when their privacy is invaded. So even if their kids computer monitoring software finds that certain sites are inappropriate, they should still have a peace of mind because the software will respect their wishes. The two leading kids computer activity monitoring software programs are Big Brother Watch and Internet Watch. With one you get complete information and with the other you can monitor computer activity from both directions.