Is Mobile Parental Controls Software Really Needed?

cell phone parental controls

Is Mobile Parental Controls Software Really Needed?

Cell phone Parental Controls are a must have if you have a teenager that is on the way or already has a Cell Phone. Many people believe that Cell Phones should be treated as “more than a phone” with all the distractions that come along with it. They also think that kids should not be allowed on the cell phone when they are on the train, airplane or even driving their car. Well, this is a huge fallacy. In fact, a Cell Phone is not a toy anymore and the kid still needs you to be a very involved parent.

So, why are cell phone parental controls necessary? Well, if you read their advertisements, you would see that they are actually great fun to use. Some even allow you to block out pictures, videos and incoming calls. Most of these allow you to set a time during the day that you can allow text messages to go through, phone calls to go through, and social media sites to go through. The best of them also allow you to block out the clock and the weather. So, that pretty much covers the time that your child is on the cell phone during the day.

So, why is it important to use these cell phone parental controls? It is very important to use these because the things that a kid could find while on the Internet are almost endless. Just searching for something and finding out that it was offensive or illegal is not the only thing that could happen on the Internet, there is always the possibility that they could perform a criminal act or something like that.

For example, say you were searching for information on how to spy on your kids. If they typed in “spy on my kids” and searched through the first few pages of search results, they would end up seeing adult content along with the search result being “spy on my kids”. Well, if they only had a minute or two to read through that page, they might realize that it was inappropriate content. They could then go ahead and try and search for that exact phrase on a different site, but chances are that they would not find anything that they would be offended over.

This is the same for cell phone numbers. A parent can go into their preferred Internet control program and change the settings so that if they are away from home for an extended period of time, they will not be able to check out certain numbers. They simply have to make sure that their children know this and have it in front of them whenever they want to see who is calling. Also, parents may want to change the settings so that if they are at work and have the cell phone number visible, they won’t inadvertently let anybody else on their list in. This would be very inconvenient, so most people would just go about their business as usual and not worry about it at all.

On the other hand, there is no reason for parents to ever have to worry about these things. With the new additions to Google Android, Apple iOS, and Blackberry platform, there is no reason why cell phone use should ever be limited. The three platforms all allow parents to set up everything they need in the privacy of their own homes. Their children can still use the apps that they would normally have access to, but they will not be able to get around the newer security measures that Google has implemented. If these kinds of protections aren’t in place, parents might want to think twice about installing the apps, especially if they have children that are still young.