How To Use Free Parental Control Software

If you are a parent of teenagers, then one of your most important responsibilities these days is to make sure that you have access to a good free parental control program. This software is designed to allow you the ability to control what your children can and cannot watch on the internet. This can be done simply through the use of an online log in process – which means that all of the websites that your children visit will be visible to them, but you will also have the power to block out specific sites that you feel are too inappropriate for your children. This is exactly where this wonderful little tool helps – by enabling you to either block viewing of specific sites that contain terms you deem inappropriate, or just allow access to certain websites you feel are too inappropriate for your kids to be exposed to. In a world where cyber crimes and abuse are growing at an alarming rate, it is especially important that parents like you take the necessary steps to protect our children when they are online.

So what is a free parental control application for the iPhone? This program works by allowing the user to gain full control over their child’s internet activity by means of a mobile phone. The iPhone is essentially an application on the phone itself – and through the addition of a web screen (which acts as the interface for all of the different applications on the phone), parents can now ensure that they can monitor what their children are viewing when they are on the move. It is a very good option because there are so many times when you may want to check your teenager’s activity on the internet, but just cannot bring your child along with you to do so (for example, you may be in the process of some work, and need to keep an eye on what they are doing online).

This is also a good option if you are using Microsoft windows as your operating system for both the iPhone and windows mobile phones. Although it does not allow you complete control of what your child is viewing on the internet, it at least filters out material which is unsuitable for you and your child. For example, most social media sites have graphics or images which may be unsuitable for some people, so having a free parental control for windows mobile will at least ensure that you do not accidentally block these sites altogether.

Another advantage of these free control apps is that they are available on a number of different devices. You can easily install the web filtering web app on your child’s laptop or smartphone, and also be able to use this same application on your iPhone. Many of the social media sites such as Facebook allow users to set up individual profiles which can be accessed by others. Through the use of a free control app for the iPhone, you can ensure that your child is only able to view material which is suitable for them.

The reason why many parents choose these paid options is because the free versions tend to be quite basic and limit the amount of control that the user has. In addition, many of these apps do not allow the user to alter the actual web pages that he or she is viewing. For example, while the Facebook web browser has a basic feature whereby you can block out specific websites, you cannot do anything with the content of these pages which are within the site. However, with a paid app, parents can choose the particular pages that their children are permitted to access. You might consider using an iPhone version of the app for younger children, as they tend to be more tech savvy and are more likely to be able to use the program properly.

Free Screen Monitor has been downloaded by thousands of people, and is used by parents to keep track of what their children are viewing on the internet. Unlike many of the other free apps, this one has a number of screen filtering options, allowing parents to limit the amount of explicit material which their children are viewing online. As well as blocking inappropriate content, these real-time location based applications can also limit the amount of time that a parent is away from his or her children, saving both time and money on high cost child travel fees.