How To Choose The Best Parental Control Apps

best parental control apps

How To Choose The Best Parental Control Apps

The best parental control apps for iOS or Android help you gain peace of mind and back insight, and most of the best choices come with both Mac and Windows software for the kids’ mobile computers. If you are a parent of teens or children, you already know how difficult it can be sometimes to watch what your children do online when you can’t always be there. These apps provide an incredible amount of power in a sleek, simple design. There are even some that allow you to control and restrict specific applications based on content.

When you are shopping for the best parental control apps, make sure they not only monitor and track activity from your child’s phones, but also access location information, as well as gather contact info for sending you a customized alert. Some of these systems also allow you to manage and block specific apps so that you don’t get tons of pop up ads on your child’s devices. This is important because all of those pop up ads could be distracting and lead to a lower productivity rate. Also, you may want to consider monitoring the internet activity of your children through their smart phones as well.

Of all of the data that you can collect with one of the best parental control apps, location information is probably the most important. With this kind of monitoring, you will be able to know where your child is at all times and see who they are with, what time they are home, how many times they go out, and more. Many kids today use social media, whether it be Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, and more; they all have a place to say things now and then. Monitoring social media sites like these can reveal a lot about your child especially when your child is chatting with friends or schoolmates. In order to keep your family safe and secure, make sure that you have the ability to track them down with ease.

Another feature that some of these apps offer include screen-time management alerts. As the name suggests, these alerts notify you when your child gets onto another device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Some of these alerts can even let you know what they are doing on their phone whether they are chatting with someone or taking pictures or videos. This is a great feature that ensures that your child is closely supervised at all times, which is crucial for good child monitoring.

The last feature that is often overlooked when it comes to smart phone devices is the ability to monitor and log in remotely. Certain apps allow you to do this right from your computer so you don’t even need to be there to supervise what your kid is doing. These screen-time management alerts also come with detailed logs of what is being said on the devices. For example, if your kid is chatting with someone on a social media site, a screen time management app will log in and record everything that is being talked about. You can then access this information and make decisions as to what you think your kid should be doing online.

There are many android parental control apps available for you to choose from. Some are free while others are subscription based. Before deciding on which one to use, make sure you check out the reviews of other people who have used the app. Although most of the free versions are great, they don’t have all of the features that a paid version will have. It would be a waste of money to get a free version and then spend money to implement some of the best parental control features into it.