How I Message Spy Works

Message spy is an IM messaging application that allows you to read any text message that is sent to you. The application uses a smart phone as the server and every message sent by you will be sent to your customized email address. Apart from monitoring your kids, this application can be used for other purposes as well. Read through this article to know more about the imessages this application offers you.

It is not a secret that iPhones are becoming one of the most wanted communication gadgets thanks to the high-end features they offer to their users. If you are wondering how an iPhone can replace your computer when you can just reach into your pocket to use them, it all lies with the iMESSage spy application. This amazing app will allow you to read any text messages that are sent to you over any wireless network. It does not matter whether your iPhone is running on AT&T’s GSM network or the CDMA type that is widely available in different countries like Verizon and Sprint.

The imessage app works on the basis of iOS and Java. As long as an internet connection is available, you can simply install this software and get started with your spy work. The iOS spy server is completely secure and free from any kind of spyware or virus infection that may harm your phone. The Java based application will capture all SMS and MMS messages sent to your iPhone and will send these over the airwaves after converting them into the required text format.

The software allows you to get complete details of the call that you had received. You can get the full name and location of the person who is calling you using this spy program. You can also monitor the calling duration and the number of people who have been calling you. The complete recording will be sent to your customized email address so that you can keep an eye on the activities going on in your personal life. There is no need to divulge anything to anyone in fear that he may be getting traced through your phone calls. The imessage software monitors incoming and outgoing text messages on a daily basis and will send you any information that you may find useful.

The instant messaging programs are very popular these days and have become the means of communication for millions of people. The use of the internet has allowed the growth of such apps as well. The imessages from the iPhones and ipod touch can be captured using special applications like i Message spy. Such instant messaging apps are popular because they allow you to maintain a close watch on your kids and your spouse without the knowledge of others.

This is how the social media sites work. Once you download the special spy app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, you will be able to access all kinds of information about the people that you are communicating with. These applications will track your call history and all the messages that you have sent and received. You can also get to know the names and locations of the people who are sending you messages and your phone calls.