Child Control – Protecting Your Child Online

Are you worried that your child is getting into trouble with their friends and that you might be a victim of child control iPhone applications? I am glad you are because I used to be. I have a teenage daughter who uses the iPhone on a regular basis and she can get so overboard. I am constantly worried that my son will one day turn into a complete geek and not understand why I cannot or won’t give them total access to all of my personal things that they have gotten themselves into.

These days, it seems as if everything my son touches ends up on his phone. There are countless things that he gets onto his iPhone and none of them are good things. Things like a picture of the dog he killed last summer gets sent to his friends and he ends up sending them pictures of dead animals and the like. The funny thing about this is that the photo didn’t exist when he got it and neither did the animal.

Another thing he does is text message his buddies. If you have ever seen the new version of the iPhone, you will notice that there is a button on the side that says, “Share Message”. Well, this button doesn’t do much, but it will share any text message that is being sent or received. This is dangerous for two reasons. First, if your child is in a situation where they may start to send you some threatening or upsetting messages, then having the ability to share them will make them much more likely to do so.

Secondly, I don’t want my child to end up in a situation where they are on the phone with someone and they start to get aggressive and say things like, “I’m going to kill him”. Or worse yet, “I am going to shove this baby in his mouth and shut his eyes.” You see, the things that are being said by these children, are very similar to things that could have been said and is probably already too late for them to reverse what has already happened. These kids should be in a situation where they can talk to their parents and they come to their senses before things get out of hand.

There is a lot to worry about these days concerning technology and it’s effect on our children. It’s almost as though children have been removed from the equation completely. They are not able to communicate with their parents on their own, so they rely on us to do that for them. This presents some new problems when trying to raise a child in a home that does not already use a cell phone.

One of the biggest problems that parents face these days is controlling their child’s internet use. There are many instances where a child has gone on the internet and browsed images of naked people. They also have accessed websites that contain the names of other people. This is not only dangerous, but is against the law as well. Luckily there is software that is available for parents to install on their home computer that blocks all of these sites. Once this is done, the child is no longer able to access the internet.

Many times a parent will not be in a position to know what their child is doing online. For instance, if a child has left the house and is on the internet for an extended period of time, they may never come back home. The parent can still monitor their child’s activity on the computer by logging into their computer each and every day and looking for any signs of trouble. If they see that a certain site is visited repeatedly, they should take action. This alone will help them ensure that their child is not accessing harmful material or information that can harm them in any way.

It is best for any parent to be aware of the dangers that are involved when it comes to child control. It is best to be able to arm and protect yourself in such circumstances so that you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety. If you are suspicious of your child’s activities on the internet, talk to your child’s teachers or other parents who you trust. They can provide you with additional information. Keep in mind, too, that there are many child monitoring programs that can be used for this exact purpose!