If you are looking for a spy camera app for Android, you are not alone. Many people are looking for ways to monitor their children’s whereabouts, and spying on them can be extremely effective. Here are some top spy camera apps for Android. If you are looking to monitor a smartphone’s location, you will want to download an app that shows a fake screen when taking footage. For example, you can choose to show an interface like an alarm clock or a calculator while recording. You can also install the app onto the smartphone and set it to take pictures at set intervals, and the footage will be saved to a folder that you can lock with a password.

Spy Camera App For Android

Easy Video Recorder

The Easy Video Recorder app is an excellent choice for anyone looking to keep tabs on their kids, employees, or even your pets. You can record videos in both front and back cameras and choose to have recordings start and stop at certain times. This spy camera app also features a one-tap recording feature and a calendar interface for scheduling captures. You can also set the app to automatically record videos for a specific period of time. By default, the app will record for 30 minutes, but you can change this to a longer recording period. You can even store recorded videos on an SD card and watch the recordings later.

Easy Video Recorder has many benefits. You can record videos with one click, record video without sound, and record in multiple languages. The app also has options to record videos with a password and hide recordings when the device is not in use. It can also record videos during phone calls. In addition to recording videos, Easy Video Recorder has features like auto-sync to Google drive, mute camera sounds, and take pictures when the screen is off.

High-quality screen recordings, privacy protection, and video-sharing…

Its features include high-quality screen recordings, privacy protection, and video sharing. It is easy to use and does not require internet access. Video recordings are saved to your device’s memory and can be shared via social networks or emails. Moreover, this spy camera app supports privacy protection, as it does not require internet access. You can also edit videos using video editing features and export them as GIFs for sharing. You can also select audio and video recording options, as well as customize the videos for a professional look.

Easy Video Recorder is an excellent choice for home surveillance and monitoring. Its multi-viewer feature lets you monitor a variety of electronic items, such as computers, and other devices. Moreover, this spy camera app offers you the option to set up push notifications, emails, and even in-app alerts to notify you of any suspicious activity. All this comes at a low price. So, don’t wait any longer and get your copy of Easy Video Recorder today!

Another excellent spy camera app for Android…

Easy Video Recorder is another excellent spy camera app for Android. It has similar features to Alfred, but you’ll need two different mobile phones to monitor one another’s video. This app works with both front and back cameras, and is compatible with all versions of Android 2.2 and newer. The Easy Video Recorder is a spy camera app for Android that is easy to install. Once installed, you can then view the recorded video.

Easy Video Recorder can record videos discreetly without the user knowing it is recording. Unlike other spy camera apps, Quick Video Recorder can also record videos without opening the camera app. This feature enables you to continue doing other tasks while recording. You can even record video without turning the screen off so that the camera cannot be detected. Moreover, Easy Video Recorder allows you to edit and share the video on social media.

Quick Video Recorder

If you are on the lookout for a spy camera app for Android, you should consider downloading Quick Video Recorder. It is a free video recording application that works on Android and iOS devices and has more than 10 million downloads on the Play Store. Its minimalist interface allows you to record videos without opening the application and its setup menu is packed with features. You can adjust various camera settings, as well as set the recording interval. This makes it one of the best spy camera applications for Android.

As the name suggests, this spy camera app for Android is designed to be secret and discreet. It will record videos even when the phone is off, and will hide the videos from the device’s gallery until you want them to be. You can change the icon of the app, edit your videos and share them online, as well as record videos while the phone is in the background. There is even an editor included for editing the footage.

The app also has features like autofocus mode and video stabilization…

You can install this app from the Play Store and start recording videos right away. You can set the recording time to start or stop, disable the shutter sound, and set the duration. The app also has features like autofocus mode and video stabilization. In addition to these, Quick Video Recorder has several other features to make your life easier as it works under the radar. So, if you are looking for an app to watch out for your kids, check out the Quick Video Recorder for Android!

Another great feature of this spy camera app is its unobtrusive application icon. This application can be installed without being noticed and leaves no traces of being a spy camera app. It even has a self-destruction feature. You can even keep it on your phone while in a phone call. The app also includes many features that you can use to spy on someone. The only drawback to Quick Video Recorder for spy camera app for Android is its lack of sound.

Quick Video Recorder for spy camera app for Android…

This app uses the phone’s camera to let you see what the other person is doing. While this app is free to download, it has an in-app purchase option. With all the features, Quick Video Recorder for spy camera app for Android is an excellent choice for your needs. Take the time to download it today! You’ll be glad you did. It can protect your family from unwanted intrusion and protect your property from theft.

Another excellent video recording app for Android is Background Video Recorder. This app allows you to record videos in the background even if the screen is locked. In addition, you can schedule recordings and trim videos after recording. The app has support for over 50 languages and can be used on both the front and back camera. It also allows you to schedule recordings, trim the videos, and store them. Another great feature of this app is its ability to record video without the user’s knowledge. Despite its price, it is free to download, but there are some in-app purchases.


TheWispy spy camera app for android is the most popular monitoring application. It offers non-intrusive monitoring, GPS tracking, remote controls, and high-end surveillance features. The app also boasts of a user-friendly online control panel and includes geofencing and GPS location tracking. If you’re wondering how this spy app can help you, read on to learn more. You can easily spy on your child or employee’s cell phone activity from anywhere in the world.

TheWispy can monitor the target phone from a PC or mobile phone. It supports Android and iOS devices. You can even track the emails of the target device. TheWispy is better suited for employee monitoring and parental controls. Its main purpose is to provide parental and employee monitoring to help protect the family and business. However, it doesn’t offer remote installation. The user has to access the device one time to install the app, and only after that can they begin monitoring.

Spy camera app for android and monitoring application…

TheWispy lets you see what your kid is typing. It tracks keystrokes as part of the device’s history and can alert you to words that could be dangerous for your child’s safety. It also has features for monitoring Wi-Fi logs. You can also view the target user’s location. TheWispy also lets you read notes and memos. This feature is useful for parents who need to monitor their children’s online activity.

TheWispy is one of the best spy camera apps for Android devices. With a user-friendly interface and quick lists of features, it’s easy to use and monitor anyone. Once you click on a feature, data is automatically downloaded to the target device. TheWispy offers excellent tracking services at a reasonable price. It includes more than 30 spy features, and its premium version allows you to enjoy the unlimited benefits of the app.

TheWispy also features a remote control. You can change files on the target device, manipulate the microphone, and view recorded video and pictures remotely. In addition, the app’s camera spy allows you to monitor the target user’s conversations. It also records memos and conversations, allowing you to catch your target in the act without them knowing. With this spy camera app, you can spy on anyone at any time, anywhere.

TheWispy is an exceptional surveillance tool…

TheWispy spy camera app for android is an exceptional surveillance tool that combines high-quality features with advanced technology. Its spying capabilities are unparalleled and the application has become the most popular spy recorder app around the world. You can spy on anyone in real-time using the app, whether you’re monitoring a teenager or a child. Its stealth mode allows you to keep watching without attracting attention and ensuring that no one will suspect you are a spy.

TheWispy is a powerful monitoring application for Android devices that records all cyber activities of the target device and sends you real-time updates. The spy app includes tools for recording phone calls and GPS location, as well as text messages. It lets you track the target device without touching it, making it an ideal option for monitoring your child’s cell phone. With minimum price tags, TheWispy has earned its place as the best Android monitoring app available.

In this continuously developing world, it is ultimately impossible to monitor and invigilate everything. The same problem is with mobile usage, specifically android phones. People all over the world are addicted to their phones and spend most of their time in a virtual world rather than the actual world. This addiction has not spared the children even. Children spend most of their time on phones, they are not fully grown yet, and their minds and body are 2 times more vulnerable than adults. The radiations coming out of these androids are hazardous in nature and have the potential of disrupting the neural signals of the brain. Recent research suggests that a child’s brain absorbs two times more radiation than an adult brain due to their thinner skull, more absorption power, and relatively smaller size.

Parental authority over the usage of android is very important. As much as these phones have shrunk the world and as much as we love this invention, it has derailed the youth. The non-ionizing radiations coming out of these gadgets are higher in frequency and energy. These radiations are very harmful especially for the children and the unborn babies. The microwave radiations cause degeneration of a protective sheath around the fetus. The crime rate has dramatically increased due to these phones. Free access to pornographic, paedophilic, and abusive content has increased the juvenile tendencies in the youth.

The excessive use of the android is also associated with certain physiological and mental conditions such as low IQ, long or short-sightedness, sleep deprivation, improper mental growth, and other psychological conditions. Researches also suggest that the excessive use of these phones can cause cancers in children and adults. The increasing tiredness and fatigue are also a result of this phone addiction.

Android Monitoring Strategies for Parents:

Keeping in mind these inevitable issues, researchers have developed a number of strategies including some applications that can help parents monitor the usage of the android phone. These parental control apps can increase your sense of control and help you keep an eye on your child. Remember that it is very important to have an open conversation about responsible device usage, so your child does not try to immediately get rid of the app or find an alternative solution to it.

●       Web Filtering:

The most important thing is to filter the content for your child. This web filtering prevents your child from opening any age-inappropriate website. These browsers blocks webs that fall under the banned categories such as gambling, pornography, violence, etc.

●       App Blocking:

The second most important area is to restrict children from using certain apps on the phone. This is specifically useful to the parents who want to prevent their child from using social media apps or messaging services that are difficult to monitor or websites that use VPN to get around to the content. This included applications, such as Boomerang, that blocks every other app that your child installs until you approve it.

●       Time Restriction:

Another easy way is to download time restriction apps over your phones. These apps help reduce the screen time of your children, such as Norton’s family premiere and family time. It specifies the hours of the day that your child can spend on the phone and allows you to schedule a time that you deem appropriate for your child to use their phone.

●       Reporting Locations and Emergencies:

The ideal app is one that can keep track of the child’s location and keep in check the history of their browsers too. Apps like Norton family premiere and Qustodio offer this service. Certain services like Locategy, Boomerang, and Family time allows you to draw geographical boundaries around your child. These apps will trigger a response whenever your child tries to leave a certain geographical location. These apps also allow you to put in an SOS button, in case of any emergency. Whenever the child presses the button, it immediately sends a notification to the parent’s phone and the alarm will keep ringing until the child or the parent presses the turn off button.

Android Monitoring Applications for Parents:

In order to help best protect your child. We are providing you a list of free applications that can keep an eye on our child’s activity, whether they are working on some school project, having a chat with their friends, or just enjoying everything good that the internet has to offer. The protection is not only limited to the phones, but it extends to the MAC, computer, or iPad that your child is using

●       Family Shield by Open DNS:

Family shield is a special service offered by the Open DNS application. It automatically blocks websites or content that falls under the category of pornography, tasteless, abusive, or violent. It blocks content on a router level rather than an individual level.

●       KidLogger:

This app monitors the words that your child types, the website they visit, the programs they use, and the screenshots they take. There is also a sound recorder that activates automatically when your child talks to someone online. This app only covers one device at a time.

●       Spyrix:

Spyrix is a free keylogger. It notifies you about what your kid is typing and if they are in trouble. This app has a bad name because generally it is used by crooks who try to capture the passwords of other people, but it can also be used for your child’s good. It does not stop your child from doing any bad, but it does notify you about what they are up to.

These are just some of the applications that can be used by the parents to monitor their android usage. Others include Qustodio, Kaspersky Safe Kids, Norton, Mobicip etc. These applications not only make this virtual world a safer place for your child, but they also allow your child to take full advantage of this super amazing invention.

In this free spy apps for android article, we are going to show you some of the recommended spy apps for your mobile android phone.
Free spy apps for android
 Free spy apps for android | Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


If you are in search of best free spy apps for android devices, then you are in the right place. Here we’ll discuss some of the best spy apps and their advantages. These apps will serve your purpose efficiently, and you won’t regret using these apps. These apps are well known, trusted, well updated with the advancement of technology, and are used by many users regularly. 

What are some of the best Free Spy Apps for Android?

Android devices are much cheaper when compared to iOS devices, which is why these days, every child has their android mobile phones. With this, the use of social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp amongst children is increasing each day. Due to this, it becomes essential to know what your child is doing on the smartphone.

To solve this problem, many app developers have created some of the best free spy apps for android, which are well updated with advanced technology, and are trusted by millions of users. If you are a parent, you can use these apps for the better parenting of your children. You need to install the spy apps on the suspected user’s mobile phone.


This spy app has a lot of amazing tools and features for the users that helps them to do the spying more accurately. It has a user-friendly interface. The tool contains excellent professional features. One of the best options to keep track of what the other person is doing on their Whatsapp without even letting them know anything.


mSpy is one of the best free spy apps for android as well as iOS. It is mainly used by parents to ensure proper parenting from their children. It allows the users to get access to messages, call history, location, and many more amazing features for the targeted device. This app is available for android, iOS, and Windows devices.


This app is considered as an all-in-one monitoring app for employers and parents. It provides full access to SMS, Whatsapp, call history, and many more features for the targeted device. The user needs to install the Hoverwatch app in the targeted android device.


This app has a user-friendly interface and is trusted by many users, especially parents, to monitor their child’s activities. This is an undetectable android app. With this, the users can easily access media files on Whatsapp and text messages of the targeted android device.


It is a fantastic app made, especially for parental control. The tool is a reliable and trustworthy app that provides full access to media files of Whatsapp and text messages of the targeted android device. Another option is to provide the feature of live location tracking to the users.

Advantages of Free Spy Apps for Android

There are many benefits of the above mentioned free spy apps for android that make them unique and well-known apps in the field.

    • They have a user-friendly interface, which means they are straightforward and easy to use.
    • The tools are well updated with advanced technology.
    • They have some fantastic and unique features and tools for the users.
    • Tool needs to be very secure and risk-free.
    • Some of those apps allow you to delete or remove the data from the targeted android device.
    • These apps provide you with full access to the targeted android devices that include SMS, gallery, contacts, call history, browsing history, apps, emails, and many more. 
    • These apps also helps the users to restrict some activities in the targeted android device. This feature is beneficial for parents who want to protect their children. 

Why Use spy apps for Android devices?

There are many reasons which can cause you to use free spy apps for android. The reason can be related to your professional life, personal life, emergencies, and other purposes. The main three reasons for which these apps are mostly are mentioned below.

  1. People use these apps for their loved ones, their family member, lover, or their friends. They monitor their device activities in case they feel anything suspicious or strange. To clear their doubts, they use spy apps.
  2. Most often, parents use these spy apps on their children’s mobile to keep track of their activities in their android devices. It even helps to ensure effective parenting for their child. These apps give access to all the data of the targeted device that includes SMS, browsing history, Apps, Chats, call history, and much more.
  3. Employers in the office often use these free spy apps for android to keep track of the office work, and if the employees are doing something irrelevant to office work. It helps the officials to protect the company secrets by providing employees with mobile phones with spy apps already installed in them. 

Can you spy on a phone with just the number?

Yes, a person can easily spy on someone’s phone by just using their mobile number. It is possible only if the person has proper knowledge about spy apps, tools, and settings. The easiest way to spy on a phone is to use a free spy app for it. For this, you can use apps like spying as it is one of the top free spy apps for android. Such apps are reliable, have a lot of amazing features in them, and are used by millions of users. The primary purpose of spy apps is to monitor someone’s phone activities that help the users to clear their doubts. These apps provide the users with full access to all the data stored in the targeted devices.


Android is one of the top leading mobile operating systems in the industry, which has almost 81% of the total market share. Most of the people here prefer android devices over iOS devices due to their vast price difference, durability, and affordability.

These free spy apps for android devices help you to clear all your doubts and misinterpretations in your mind. These apps often help the users to create a peace of mind of the users by clearing all their worries regarding their employees, families, and their loved ones.


What are the benefits of record phone call on android? Read the following article to know!

Record phone call on android
Record phone call on android | Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

As we all know, due to technology, several unheard things have been introduced to the world, and such things are serving several people with numerous benefits if we consider a Smartphone through which some people are operating their business as well. For such people, the record phone call on android will be the best feature.

The call recording is the feature through which an individual is capable of serving the individual with various benefits, if you are running a business on a small scale, and then you should start recording calls. Whereas if you are running a call center, then have to record the calls and select the random ones to check out and inspect surprisingly. Let your employees know that you are recording calls so that they will be aware of the assigned task, and they will interact politely with the consumers.

There is en number of calls received in the call center being an owner of that business you should record the calls and make the voice assignments to serve the trainee with efficient training. The voice assignments are capable of serving the trainee that how to interact with the people and how they can control their emotions; it is mandatory for executives to serve the consumer with solutions politely. 

Being an owner of such business, you should check out record phone calls on android; these recordings capable of helping an under training candidate with effective training; these recordings will give a brief introduction to the candidate regarding their performances and what types of issues they are going to face. Have a look at the following points to know better regarding the benefits of record phone call on android:

Benefits of record phone call on android

As we have discussed earlier, the call recordings are capable of serving an individual with numerous benefits, but what are those benefits? At the following points, we are going to describe more regarding the record phone call on android and how to do the call recordings to keep yourself at the safer side? Check out the following points to know more:

  • Effective training:

The call recordings are capable of training a trainee effectively, and the call recordings are capable of serving the individual with numerous benefits. The primary benefit that an individual can get through call recording in a small scale business is this; these recordings help a trainer to train a candidate effectively, the android is the operating system that is easy to use, and the android phones are holding a massive horde of delightful. 

  • Provide the executives the android phone:

Being the owner of a particular firm isn’t an easy task as you need to take care of several things, and you are unable to listen to every recording. So provide an android phone to your every executive along with easy access over the call recording, aware your executives regarding the call recording so they will interact with the consumers with politeness and calmly. The polite and calm executive is capable of solving the issues of the consumer, so this is the second that you need to take care of.

  • Surprise inspection:

The android devices are easily accessible, and there is en number of benefits that we can get through the android phones, so you should provide the executives with an android phone and link the phone’s software with your phone to access easily and inspect surprisingly. The android phones are laced with numerous features that you can unearth conveniently. The android phones capable of performing several tasks related to it, and they are allowing you to inspect the performed. 

How to record call in an android phone? 

As we have discussed earlier, android phones contain several features, and one of them is called recordings. Several manufacturers are producing several reliable Smartphone, and some of them are capable of recording calls automatically, whereas some of them need special application installation. Have a look at the following points to know more regarding the record phone call on android.

  • Built-in features:

There are several brands that are providing the in-built feature of automatic call recording, and there are very simple steps to turn on these features. Numerous developers have several settings, so turning automatically call recording varies according to android software and settings. The built-in features don’t require the specific and separate installation. Moreover, some of the androids feature the screen recording as well, and this feature is also helpful in recording calls. 

  • Specific application installation:

We have described in the previous points that are the pre-installed features and how you can operate it. Here we are going to talk about the specific application installation; the playstore is the source of downloading several applications in the android phone. So numerous developers are providing en number of applications that are capable of recording calls automatically, and such software and applications enable you to record the calls effortlessly.  

The closure

Now we are here with closure, we have mentioned every possible detail regarding the call recordings in the android phones and how an individual is capable of using it. There are various developers that are manufacturing several Smartphone or the android phones that have a pre-installed call recording system, and you need to activate with one click, the settings of each android vary from each other, so it is hard to mention the steps to activate the automatic call recording. We hope the information mentioned above have helped you to know more regarding the call recording in the android phones and what are the benefits of recording a phone call on android.

Portrayal – what are the benefits of the call recording with the android phone or Smartphone? How to record a call in the android phone with the pre-installed features and through applications as well, uncover the important information regarding the android phones and what types of benefits we can get from them.  

Android children protection

Android children protection and how you can make a smartphone safe for your child will show you a step by step guide to protecting your kids while on Android.

Android children protection
Android children protection | Image by Pasi Mämmelä from Pixabay

Surfing safe internet is difficult for everyone, and it is a complicated thing today and whenever we talk about it describe the internet as the part of the spider web. It is the reason for the World Wide Web, and there is another thing about the internet that it is the huge flea in the market. You will find anything on the internet, and this is the reason behind the insecure feeling to many parents.

They always try to find the Android Children Protection, which will help them to save their kids from doing bad things. If you are parents, then you will understand the need for parental security for the kids. When you search the content on the internet, and it always does not seem to be right, or we can say that informative.

In recent researches, it is found that there are a majority of the children who are surfing the internet and the worst thing for parents is that they do a various number of researches on it. This is the main reason why every parent needs to have Android Children Protection for their Childs.

The points you need to consider:

If you want to make yourself sure that your child is not doing something wrong on the internet, you need to have the best app for tracking your kid-mobile. To make your child not get in something bad then try to consider these points,

  • They don’t get the link of the bad content on the internet while surfing.
  • Sometimes the device may be infected with the virus, which will make them click on the wrong ads.
  • You have to use the cards for purchasing the games on the play market, and there is another option to go for buying the games in the market.
  • There is one important thing you need to consider is that your child does not include in activities like meeting new strangers online and talking to them. If your kid is doing this, then you have to stop him/her right now as the other person has wrong intentions for hurting your kid.
  • If you have the best app, then you can always have the option to know about the thief. It will also allow you to track them.

Various Android Children Protection apps:

Let us discuss some of the various Android Children Protection apps, which will help you to get the best benefit from them.

  • Before you go for buying the child protection for your device, you need to decide that which will be the best as there are various types of apps which come with special features.
  • If your kid still plays with your phone, then you can choose that app which allows tracking your phone and the browsing history. It will help you to allow them to access the internet of your choice, which means that you will have the power to block or allow all the sites.
  • As discussed earlier, you can choose any of them, and it does not matter if you have android phone or iOS because there are different Android Children Protection apps which will help you to protect your kid from accessing the bad content.
  • The best part about them is that you can easily rely on them as they come with the best safety barrier, which means that without your permission, no one can use the app. There are various methods for tracking, and these different cases like some will be better for young’s, and others will be good for teens.
  • You need to keep in mind that you don’t put more pressure on them as they are tech-savvy and will easily notice that you are tracking on them.

There are some of the options for Android Children Protection you will notice in these cases.

Build in options in android devices:

To be fair, all the Android devices do not come with more features, but when it comes to the parental control, and then you need to thank android as it will help you to make the device safer for your child and even tell you about their activities.

If you seriously want to prevent your kid by using Android Children Protection, then you have to restrict the content or some of the specific apps. It can be easily done by using the user screen and then add a new profile in the option for your child. After the login process, select the apps you want to block for your child.

The best part is that it will allow you to know how many times your child is trying to view the restricted app.

Android Children Protection app:

There are various types of the app which will allow you to block some of the play store apps. The app you block will never be shown to your kid. You can do this quickly by visiting the app store and then go to the user control option for blocking the apps. The Android Children Protection app will be the best thing for you to protect your child from accessing the bad content. It also provides you to block the media, which is rated for the bad content.

Third party app:

It means that the app includes the features of Android Children Protection and those apps can be easily available on the play store or apple store, and you can easily install it in your mobile and your child’s. The best thing about them is that they provide special features, and one of them is that it will hide its presence in your child phone. It means that your child will don’t know anything about the app, and you can also purchase their premium version for accessing all the features of the app.

These all are the various solutions which will help you to protect your kids from accessing the bad content. You need to consider all the points to make sure that you don’t miss any important instructions, and you can easily have access to Android Children Protection apps.