Best Parental Internet Control Solution

If you want to stop your children from being harmed by the internet, then one of the best parental internet control applications available for the android phone is the Sky Paladin. This is a fully featured parental control application which keeps an eye on the websites that your child visits and also reports back to you anytime it notices suspicious activity. It is extremely simple to use as it requires only a short one-touch installation on your u-mobile and you are ready to monitor what exactly is going on.

The application does not require log in, so nobody needs to know that you are constantly monitoring what they are doing. Even if you are not at home to oversee what they do, you can check on them every now and then through the android interface through wireless connection. Once you have installed the app on your android phone, you will only need to connect to the internet via bluetooth and you will be able to log into the Sky Paladin online with your username and password. You can also set up several categories like games, social networking, sports, education and so much more that you can select from to ensure that only the right content will be downloaded onto your phone.

The whole system is secured with a password management system that keeps your child safe from harm and you worry free about their safety. When you download the free version of Sky Paladin, you will find several features that you can choose from, like enabling/ disabling different features. There is a free version with no adware and spy software and also an upgrade program. The upgrade program comes with a money back guarantee in case that you are unhappy with the product after a period of time. So if you are still worried about the safety of your child, then consider the pop-up keylogger parental control software.

Most phones have built-in tracking programs and this is how parents can monitor what their kids are doing on their cell phones. But some phones do not have this option and you will need to install tracking programs on your phones to get it working. The tracker has to be installed on your computer first and then transferred to the phone you want to track. Then you can use the Sky Paladin parental control application to log into your child’s phones and see everything that is being sent to your phone tracker.

The tracking programs are easy to install and uninstall on your phone and are completely undetectable by any spyware and adware applications. These tracking apps work as they would on your computer. You can set up alerts whenever you receive text messages or phone calls from a particular phone number. And you can use this same application on your laptops and tablets too. The GPS tracking is done through a Waze application that integrates all your devices into a single interface that makes life much easier.

So in short, Sky Paladin seems like it is mainly designed for the female user with the android operating system installed. It seems like it may be a good program to try though there are more options out there that are better suited for men and boys. If you are looking for an easy to use program that you can use on your phone as well as your laptop and tablets and also on your smart phones you might want to take a closer look at this GPS program. I am sure you will like it and if you have kids then you will find this feature of it useful and important. Just remember that you should always remain protected at all times and never let anything harm your children.