Best Free Parental Control Software For Windows – Seven Simple Reasons Why You Should Install It

For parents who wish to control what their children do on the Internet, there is a very good option available in the form of a parental control computer software program. This software will be able to keep a close watch on your children’s activities online and report any unusual behavior to you. There are several different programs available online, but one of the most popular is the program Free Parental Control. Here are some of the reasons why this product is one of the best options available to you.

First, you can use the services of this application to block inappropriate content. Some of the most popular social media sites are known for allowing inappropriate content through their apps. Such apps include the following: FarmVille, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Mybloglog, and Squidoo. With the help of parental control software, you will be able to make sure that your children are not exposed to this content via these apps. Moreover, if you suspect that your child is engaging in chat rooms that are inappropriate, then you can easily tell by using the various monitoring tools provided by this software.

Second, with this application you can monitor your kids when they use their cell phones. Kids nowadays frequently use their cell phones to chat with friends and relatives. In case you want to ensure that they are not talking about inappropriate topics, then you can use this application to stop them from accessing inappropriate websites. Third, this application is also used in protecting your kid from I-phone texting and e-mailing. The reason why this application is the best parental control computer software for the I-phone is because it allows you to set limits as to how much your child can e-mail or text. You can set them so that they never receive anything that they cannot handle, and you can also set limits as to how much social media visits your child can have.

Fourth, with the use of this parental control software you can also protect your children when they are online. By enabling the “do not disturb” and blocking the “call now” functions on their mobile phone, you will be able to monitor what your children are doing on their mobile phone. Moreover, if you allow this application to run in the background, then you can always be informed of any incoming or outgoing calls to your mobile phone. In other words, you can always be informed of who is calling your children, or sending them messages on their mobile phone.

Fifth, with this application you can also block all of the applications that have been discovered on your children’s phones. For parents who worry that their children might download applications that can bring harm to them, the best free parental control software for Windows is here. No parent wants to discover that his/her child has downloaded a virus that can cause some serious damage to their system. Plus, you will be glad to know that you can block all of these applications, which means that your children will never get the chance to access the Internet unless you are present to supervise them.

Sixth, with the use of this application you can also ensure privacy on the Internet. With a simple click you will be able to remove any cookies that have been left on your system by websites that you visit. Furthermore, this application allows you to manage and change your passwords on accounts that you use for the Internet. Furthermore, this best parental control software for Windows also provides you with a virtual private area on your desktop. This way you will never have to worry about anyone else accessing this area of your desktop. With all these benefits this application truly makes life easier for you