Best App to Limit Cell Phone Calls and Texts

Are you looking for the best app to limit cell phone screen time? I’ll bet you’re like many people, and you’re probably not alone. Many people have become concerned about the amount of time their kids spend using their phones. There is no doubt that there are harmful effects to using a cell phone excessively, but most people don’t realize that there are many other apps available that could solve this problem.

Think about it for a second. If you put your child in front of a computer and told him or her to use the computer 10 hours a day, wouldn’t that be abuse? Of course it would. But by limiting the amount of time a cell phone’s user can be on the phone, it is possible to limit the damage that can be done to a child. Don’t wait until your kid has a little one in order to figure out how dangerous the cell phone can be.

So, what is the best way to stop this type of overuse? There is actually an answer to this question, but it does depend upon the individual. If a child already has bad habits that include being on the phone for extended periods of time, it might be best to try hypnosis. There are many programs available to do this, but they are not always effective. One thing I will point out though, is that the parent must be completely unplugged from the phone when the program is used.

What if a child doesn’t have such bad habits? It might be a little more difficult to make changes, but it can be done. For example, let’s say you have an older son who likes to text other people while he’s supposed to be taking his lunch. At times, this can be really annoying. However, if you make it a rule to only give your son text messages during lunchtime, you can limit how much harm he can do to others while he’s supposed to be working.

Another example is with your teenagers. If they are constantly on the phone, then there is really no way to stop them, so one solution to this is to use an App to Limit Cell Phone Calls. This App will record the number of phone calls they make and also record any text messages that they receive. This will help you monitor where they are spending their time.

Now I know that I have mentioned this before, but it is very important. I am going to end by briefly touching on the privacy issue. Many Apps are available that will allow parents to block unwanted phone calls and text messages from their kids. However, if you are not able to block all of these things, it may be a good idea to talk to your teenager about this. Kids these days are often very computer-savvy, and they know how to get around certain technologies that parents may be unaware of.

Probably one of the best apps to limit cell phone calls and texts is called cancel anytime. This application will allow you to manage your cell phone usage more effectively. You simply use this one application to manage all of the phones that are in your household. It will allow you to easily see who has calls during specific times of day, when they call, and at what time they actually call. You can even set a time to not receive any text messages from any particular phone.

My personal favorite is called Blocking People. This is another one of my favorites because it allows me to see who my child is talking to. This is especially useful if you have younger children. The cool part is that you can actually block specific people for days, weeks or even months. This is a great way to teach responsibility to your child.