Spy Control is an informative site, that contains articles related to safety.

We are focusing on mobile safety and computer safety, mainly from the perental side, but not only.

Content on spy control web site:

We are talking here on safety in the following areas:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Computer
  • Internet

Safety articles related to using your iPhone device as a user. With specific information about kids and iPhone. From parental monitoring, time limit and more.

Spy control online safety:

We will also give you a review of software that you can actually download and use for internet, mobile, computer, and technology safety.

In spy control website you can find an answer to your related question, you can also ask a question about a topic that you do not found, using our contact page.

We are wishing you safe online and we do hope that you like what you find on this site.


The spy control team.

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