iScared – The Best IOS Parental Control App for iPhone and iPad. FamiSafe iPhone parent control is at the head of the list of this year’s best iPhone parental control application for iPad and iPhone. It has many highly monitoring features which make it much easier for parents to monitor all their child’s activities on their iPhones and keep them safe from any kind of harm. It also includes many useful features like a virtual child tracker, and a high level of parental control which allow you to block specific types of content and sites.

LocationFidelity – The Best IOS Parental Control App for both iPhone and iPad. LocationFidelity is a new and innovative free iPhone and iPad application from Oxygen Nextiva which allows you to keep up to date with your children’s real-time location. With a multitude of benefits, LocationFidelity is clearly the best IOS parental control for both iPhone and iPad. Features include; live monitoring, device information reporting, GPS location history, web and app history reporting, and the ability to lock or unlock the screen. LocationFidelity is currently available through the in-app Purchase, a 30-day free trial, which can be easily accessed through the Application icon on the home screen.

Web Guard – The Best IOS Parental Control App for both iPhone and iPad. This is another very well rounded web filter that comes at a very reasonable price. It comes with a wide range of features including; built-in web security, web content filtering, a large variety of options for customizing the web guard, and the ability to backup the web filter on your device and restore it whenever you need to. The web filter also integrates directly with the Google Maps website making it easier than ever to browse the internet with your children. Another added feature of this web guard is the fact that it connects with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to provide parents with updated information about what their kids are viewing on their cell phones.

No screen Time Limit – The Best IOS Parental Control App provides parents with the ability to manage and limit screen time with a time-based text message alerts. Once you set up the no screen time limit and a specific text message to send when your child goes over a set amount of allowed text messages, you are all set to receive updates in real time about the amount of time your child is spending on the phone. This feature is especially helpful if you are away from home and cannot always monitor your child’s text messages. If you are at work, you will still receive detailed reports and screen shots about how much time your child is using the phone.

Secure Deposit Payday Loan – Is there a better way to add security and peace of mind to your children than using a secure debit/credit card? The Best IOS Parental Control App offers peace of mind and financial security for parents. With a simple one-time fee, you are able to set up a direct deposit of your kid’s payment into their bank account with an additional bonus of $50 credited to your bank account on the second payday. Using Your iPad – Just like the best iPhone parent control apps, the Best IOS Parental Control App allows you to use your iPad while you are away from home, allowing you to keep an eye on your child’s account and ensure they receive their next paycheck. You can also set up your iPad to automatically transfer funds to their bank account upon the conclusion of every paid period.

Spyware Stealth Phone – While many parents are reluctant to let their children purchase a smartphone due to possible spyware and viruses, the Best IOS iPhone Parental Control Apps takes care of this concern as well. With a built in firewall and fingerprint scanning technology, it is impossible for anyone to unscramble the confidential codes that control your child’s phones. As an added feature, Stealth Phone allows parents to remotely control and limit the use of their smartphones. If you are concerned about the safety of your child, the Best IOS iPhone Parental Control Apps will keep them safe from predators who may target your children through the Internet.

Controlling Your Kids through Smartphone Apps – Parents have realized that it is impossible to be everywhere at once when they are running around and dealing with kids. Smartphones, however, allow parents to be in touch with their kids even when they are away. The Best IOS iPhone Parental Control App not only allows you to limit how much time your child can use their smartphone, but also monitor all of their internet activity. With an array of customizable screen time limits, you can make sure that your kid only gets a few minutes of screen time during the day. You can also make sure that they are not on the phone for too long at any one time.

Monitoring Your Kid’s Internet Use – The Best IOS iPhone Parental Control Apps also allows you to monitor all of your kids’ internet activity. You can view all of their recent websites, text messages, email messages, pictures, videos, and so much more right from your iPhone or iPad. You can set up specific screens to show you if your child is online or not, and even see what apps they are using to play the games. This feature is especially helpful because parents often have to deal with ADHD kids who spend too much time on the internet.