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Before ever allowing a child ages 10 to 16 online, it is time to have a talk about sexual exploitation, online predators, and the dangers of the wild Internet. A talk, unfortunately, is not enough because kids do not always have the forethought or foresight to see everything that comes with certain actions, and they do not always fully understand the ramifications of doing something. This means they are easily influenced and swayed in some instances and it is the parent’s job to step in and make sure this does not happen – with the installation of an app that can Spy text messages and let a parent know what is being shared via written communications.

handphoneA program like Spycontrol is one that will track all keystrokes. This means everything a child keys into a phone is recorded. Some texts are recorded in social media and regular messaging applications, and parents can track incoming and outgoing emails, social media posts, and Website visits as well. Spying on text messages may not be as easy as it seems however. Experts warn that kids like to write in code, especially if they know a parent is monitoring what they are writing about. It is up to parents to learn Internet lingo and shorthand with words like “OMG,” meaning “Oh, My God,” and “LOL” meaning “laugh out loud,” parents might have difficulty with the simplest acronyms, never mind those that are intended to hide communications – but here are some tips on what to look for in the writings captured by the Spycontrol app:

• If you see the abbreviations “POS” it literally means “my parents are over my shoulder.” The child is letting the other person know you are watching to either warn them why they are not responding in an anticipated way or the child does not want the other party to say or do anything they would not normally do when the parent is in the room.

• The abbreviation PIR is similar and means that “my parents are in the room.” Abbreviations like this are a clear indication that your children are doing something or discussing something they do not want you to know about and that may be inappropriate. PRW means “my parents are watching, and P911 means “emergency, a parent has entered the room.” One abbreviation you should be really concerned with is LMIRL, which means “let’s meet in real life.”

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Cell Phone Text Spy Abbreviations – What to Do

apple-iphone-smartphone-technology-largeOf course, in the rare instance, it could also be they are planning a surprise for you or some other kind gesture, so never jump the gun and get accusatory in these situations. Just keep your eyes open and remains aware. Continue to watch for peculiar behavior and call your child on the use of the abbreviations. See what the child has to say. If you feel there is some inappropriate actions going on, by all means continue watching the child and if you do find evidence of a predator in action, contact the authorities.

Spy On Text – It is Not Mean, but Necessary

Text Spying – it is a new part of parenting. This is not about being mean to a child, violating privacy or making your child feel crowded or that you do not trust them. Sit down and talk with your child about the need to monitor texting. If your child is angry, they will get over it over the course of time. You have to be a parent first, friend second.

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