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family3A quick look at statistics will have every parent considering the act of making use of a program like Spycontrol. The app helps a parent know exactly what a young child or teen is doing while using a mobile application. It also allows a parent know who is attempting to make communications with a child and who is influencing the child or in what way. Let’s look at some statistics that push parents into doing the right thing and investing in a mobile spyware app. These apps give parents an inside view of what is going on in a child’s life in the virtual realm.
Today, parental control software is a parenting tool that no family should be without. The use of such a tool is not about violating a teen’s privacy. Protecting a teen or young child online is an absolute necessity. Remember, this is not like a child is writing in a personal diary and you are reading it without their permission – that might be considered a violation of privacy (and in some instances, may still be necessary depending on the situation). Children online are exposed to unseen predators who are incredibly dangerous and insidious. They are clever too so a parent needs to be one-step ahead of them at all times. An app like Spycontrol empowers the parent with the ability to view chat messages, emails, texts, videos, photographs, and other communications made through social media avenues. Parents will then know who is communicating with the child and can ensure all interactions are safe.


Why a Parental Monitoring App is Necessary in the First Place

smartphone-notebook-windows-phone-black-largeParental monitoring tools are needed by all parents who allow their children online via a desktop computer, mobile device, or any other means. Here is some of the myriad reasons why:
Anonymity: The use of computer makes everybody anonymous – This means it is so easy to portray yourself as something you are not and to take advantage of a child’s innocence.
An abundance of online predators: Statistics reveal there are an estimated 500,000 or more online predators who access the Internet every single day.
Predators make efforts to groom children: Seeking children ages 10 to `15 (children prone to and easier to groom) predators find easy targets in the young. Some 50 percent of all victims who have been exploited sexually online are the children ranging in age from 10 to 15.

Chat Rooms are a Predator’s Spider Web: The chat rooms online are where all too many predators lurk. They wait and watch for a victim they think they can groom and strike.

Asking for pictures and more: The conversation starts out innocently enough. The predator may interact with the child several times before asking the child to send nude photos or sexually explicit materials or to engage in sexually explicit chat.family1

Meeting in Person: It happens – the predator seeks out the victim and wants to meet them in person. Four percent of the time, the predator makes the effort to meet up with the child outside of the Internet.

Parental Monitoring Software – For Parental Peace of Mind

With parental control apps a parent is stepping up the level of vigilance it takes to keep children safe and this affords the parents peace of mind. Letting a child online without protections in place is like dropping them off in the jungle in the middle of the night and whispering the words “Good luck, I’ll go home and pray for you.” This is not at all acceptable and that is why spyware apps are a necessity and not a violation of one’s privacy.

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