Tracking A Cell Phone

Kids today, they are so willing to share everything online with friends via social media sites and while this should be all in good fun there is an element of danger to it. With no privacy settings in place, everything your child posts online becomes visible to the would be predator. The child’s name, date of birth, hometown, friends list, and even places of employment (if the child words) are often shared via social media without a second thought. Photos of the child will fuel the predator further, and children will put up thousands of photos of themselves, either in the form of selfies or with pictures of other people. Social media can, indeed be a dangerous means of online communication.

person-smartphone-office-table-largeCell phone tracking app options let a parent remain vigilant when protecting a child. The social media pages are like a predator striking oil. There they can discover everything about a child, what they look like, what they like, what they don’t like and it is like handling all the tools they need to groom them. According to authorities, it is not uncommon for a predator to pose as a teenager by creating a fake profile so thy can interact with the child. They prey on the vulnerable, the less than confident, and those who might have attention seeking behaviors. The grooming process can be a matter of days or weeks. The predator will continue to befriend the child and when the time is right they might ask for pictures, to chat more explicitly, or worse, to meet up in person.


Phone Tracking Software and What it Can Do

Spycontrol is an app that installs right on the child’s device. It will let you know who is calling into the phone, who is calling out, the time of calls, and the duration.The phone tracks texts, online browsing behaviors, Web histories, chat sessions, and emails. Essentially, everything your child does no the phone is monitored. You get access to an online dashboard where you can access all of the information online and examine it at your earliest convenience.A parent can also white list some websites and black list others. These apps put a parent back in the helm, and takes the helpless feeling away. With a spy app in place, helplessness is not even part of the parent’s vocabulary!

Cell Phone Tracking Device Getting the Programpexels-photo-63572-large

Getting the program is a breeze. All you do is register for an account. When you do, you will create and identification and password you can use to access the program dashboard. You have to have access to the physical device to install the app. The app cannot be installed remotely. Depending on the subscription you get with the Spycontrol app, you might have to jailbreak an iPhone or root an Android device, but this is only if you do not invest in the premium subscription. If you don’t get the premium, there are links provided that give you instructions on how to set up the application. If you decide to jailbreak the iPhone know that it affects the warranty that comes with the device. A five minute download installs the app. The child will know the app is running, it is not illegal nor is it hidden.

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