How it works

The steps how to start using Spycontrol App is very simple. You can do it without any assistance and very quickly. You just have to do all the below mentioned steps and right in 15 minutes you will successfully use it!

  1. Picking up a Subscription Plan

We offer different plans with different features packages. You can review and choose the most suitable for you by visiting Store Page.

  1. Select target device

After you have chosen and buy the subscription you should use your personal control panel to select a target device for monitoring.

  1. Installation


The physical access to your target mobile device.

To install on Spycontrol app you neede the physical access to your mobile phone. You should simply hold it in your hands.

Note: You also can use iCloud. It doesn’t require physical access or jailbreak but it includes less features from the whole subscription plan and all the features only with premium subscription.

Android Rooting and iOS Jailbreaking

It is very important as if the selected device has Android operating system, you have to root it before installation and if iOS you have to jailbreak it.

Note: It depends on if you want to root an Android you will get more features as you will be allowed to monitor social networks, emails and online chats.

Application Installment

Now you have to install the Spycontrol App on a selected device to monitor it. To accomplish the installation process correctly, follow the instructions you will receive on your email after purchase. If you still have any question – please, visit our FAQ page or contact the support team.

  1. Monitoring

                After the successful installation you just have to visit again your personal Control Panel where you can monitor all selected device data.

You need to do just 4 easy steps to monitor and know all information about you children or employee devices, which you needed.

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