Monitoring Features of Mobile Phones

We are always want to be sure in the family safety, our kids, and beloved ones. offers special app on different devices that allows you to know everything about information on a target mobile device. You may constantly be aware of where it is via GPS. Check all email messages and information. Spycontrol app helps you to protect a mobile phone and its user from different threats that they may face in the internet or in real life.

Phone Calls

Contacts, duration, phone number, names, call time


Tracking, locations, and routes history

Instant Messenger Monitoring

Snapchat, Viber, Skype, Kik
WhatsApp, Facebook

Email Data

Inbox, spam, drafts, sent mail and important emails
All contacts


Check, delete and block

Video and Photo

Instagram pictures, downloaded and camera photos


Control the time spending, block, delete

Web Surfing

Bookmarks and history
Blocking websites

Use all the features to look after people that are important for you with Spycontrol App.

Keep everything under supervision and security with our Spy app.

Extra Features

Remote Monitoring Panel Remote Block Device Keyboard Capturing
24/7 online access Limits Setting Screen monitoring
Checking calendar  Limitation access to the Internet Anti-theft


iOS – before the installation jailbreak or iCloud is needed

Android – to use more spy app features root is needed

iCloud monitoring – without jailbreak

Call Data

Allows you monitor incoming and outgoing calls with all the information about them: phone numbers, contacts, names, duration, etc.

Messages: SMS & MMS

With this feature you have an opportunity to read and check all incoming and outgoing messages, all information about senders and also to delete them.


Provides an opportunity to monitor the location of a chosen device. Also saves routes history.


Check all installed applications and manage it. Set the time limit, delete and block it.

Instant Messenger Monitoring

Check all the information from Snapchat, Viber, Skype, Kik, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networks

Web Surfing

Review all Web history of visiting and bookmarks. Block specific websites.

Videos and Photos

Gives you access to all multimedia files. Videos and photos from the camera or downloaded.


Check, block, delete mails. View inbox, spam, drafts, sent mail, important emails and all contacts information.

Keyboard Capturing

Allows monitoring all typed texts and words in every used application


If someone tries to get access to your mobile device, you will get immediate notification about this action. You also can block the device and track its location.

All Spycontrol features allow you to monitor needed device distantly and control it work.

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