What is the SpyControl?

Spycontrol is an application for monitoring target device remotely and helps to prevent hazardous influence of the internet on user. It also helps to constantly track the device via GPS that allows you know its location. It is very useful for parents to take care about their kids. This app will also help you to find the device if it is lost or stolen.

How can I start?

At the start we recommend you to read information about our product. After that you need to choose subscription plan that is suitable for you and purchase it. After this you will receive an email with all further instructions. You can also visit How It Works page.

How can I remotely monitor my target device?

After purchasing you will be able to log into your personal control panel where you can check every information and data about target device.

Can I update the SpyControl manually?

Spycontrol updates automatically. If you want you may check information about the latest update in settings where you will find button “update”


How often does the data get updated?

If nothing is happen it updates every 10 minutes but if some action is performed it will update data and you will receive a notification.

How many devices can be monitored by one account?

It depends on subscription plan. If you have basic you can monitor only one device.

What devices are compatible with SpyControl?

Spycontrol app is compatible with iOS devices from 6.0 versions to 9.0 and Android from 2.2 up to 6.0.1

Is jailbreak is legal?

Yes, it is as you the owner of the device but if you use it you lose your Apple warranty.

Does jailbreak influence on other installed programs?

No, it doesn’t. Jailbreak doesn’t influence on the performance of target device.

Is it possible to get a refund?

We can refund your cost only during the first days after purchasing.

What I have to do after choosing and purchasing the subscription?

After purchasing subscription plan you will receive an email with all necessary information and steps for further installation.

If there are any limits of calls and text messages?

If you use basic subscription plan the number of calls and messages per month is limited and from time to time you need to delete old and unnecessary. If you have chosen premium subscription you don’t have limits

Can I install this app remotely without physical access?

Remote installation possible only with premium subscription and via iCloud but in that way you will receive only half of all program benefits.

Is it possible to block every data of a target device if it’s stolen?

You are allowed to block any access to the target device and block all the information on it.

Can I replace a target device with another one, with the same subscription plan?

It is impossible as this device is already bound to your account and subscription plan.

Here we have collected the most frequent questions and answers on them to provide you more information about Spycontrol Mobile App.

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