app to limit iPhone use

When you need to understand how your family use the iOS device and wanted to make decisions for the app to limit iPhone use, then you need to read the entire article carefully. It is important to manage the time and know about those apps which you are using for a long period. You don’t have to worry about this as the iPhone allows you to manage the screen time easily.

app to limit iPhone use
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iPhone will produce a history, or you can get a summary which will provide you all the information about how much time you have spent on individual apps. It will also allow you to see which app send most of the notifications.

The information provided by the iPhone will help you to set limits and allowances for the specific sites and apps. You can also reduce the screen time of any app to limit iPhone use, and if you block the access, then it will make the apps to prevent the access. It means that it will be explicit the web content and music and limit the time for their usage. You start this process by following these simple steps.

Try to view the summary of screen time:

  • When you finally set the screen time, then it will begin to build the summary of your device, which includes a breakdown of all the apps usage by making them appear in a category.
  • You can also see the summary and have access to gain insight into the apps, which will you to choose a certain app to limit iPhone use. Try to follow these steps to view the screen time.
  • The first step you need to do is to go to the settings, then select the screen time option and tap the name of your device. You can also go to see all the options at a single touch.
  • When you open the summary, then it will show you certain things from them, you can change the screen time of certain apps.
  • Screen time will show you the time which you spend on entertainment, social networking, reading, and some other things.
  • It will also show you the breakdown time of each app, and the best part is that you can see the usage by the end of the day.
  • Screen time will tell you about the time which you spend on each app and how you can use screen time to make an app to limit iPhone use. When you sue the screen time, then it will also limit the use of each app.
  • An overview will be given to you, which means that it will tell you about the notifications given by each app and which one has sent the most number of notifications.

The best part of using screen time to make the apps to limit iPhone use is that it will make you know about the time you pick your phone and when you pick the time, and the time you spend on it. You can also know more about the information about the screen time, and moreover, it also provides the summary for the last seven days.

Setting up the app to limit iPhone use:

Let us learn how you can set up the screen time to make the app to limit iPhone use.

  • When you go to the setting option, then you need to tap on the screen time and select the option for turning it on.
  • After you switch on the screen time, then you have to add the name of the apps which you want to track, and you can start with any of the apps. While choosing the app, then you can also choose to block the app or the notifications sent by the app.
  • The second thing, you can do is to set the limits of the app, which means that you have made the app to limit iPhone use. It means that the app will limit to sue the network or battery. When you finish all the sections, then you can go back to use your iPhone.
  • The best part is that you can add more apps in the limit options. There is an option which will indicate about the addition or removal of the app. You need to follow these steps to don’t face the privacy instructions.

How can you set the screen time for your family member?

As screen time is used to make the app to limit iPhone use and you can also set it for your family member. When you set the time when it is locked by the unique password which means that no one can change the setting without your permission, it is the best thing for the parents and knows we will tell you about how you can use it in your family member phone.

  • The first step is to open the screen time in the setting options and then tell the phone that it is your kids’ phone, and then the game begins.
  • You have to schedule the downtime for accessing the usage time of them, and you can easily use the screen time to make an app to limit iPhone use.
  • When you enter the setting of the screen time, then you need to put the amount of the time for using the app. It means that you have to set the time for certain apps which will help you to limit the app usage and it will make your kid spend less time on the iPhone.
  • If you want to change something, then you can do it in the setting options, and you need to enter the passcode which you have set earlier.

These all are the steps which will help you to learn all about the screen time. You have to read all the steps carefully to make sure that you won’t find yourself in trouble while using screen time. It will be the best option for you to know about the usage of each app and how you can limit the use.

It is essential that you protect your children from being exposed to damaging online content. One way you can do this is to restrict access to certain apps. So if you want to know how to restrict apps on iPhone, keep reading.

How to Restrict Apps on iPhone
How to Restrict Apps on iPhone | Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

App Restriction for iOs 12 and Onwards

At present, you can only lock a certain number of apps on iOs. However, there are certain things you can do to get around this.

Here is the process for iOs 12 and on wards:

  1. Select the settings button.
  2. Select screen time.
  3. Tap on content privacy and restrictions.
  4. Select allowed apps.
  5. For the apps that you want to restrict, select the off button.
  6. Select the back button or flick upwards to go back to the home screen.

App Restriction for iOs 11 and Under

An effective app locking method that functions on any iPhone but also works with first-party Apple apps is the restriction method. A first party app is one that was created by Apple and not an outside company.

Here is the process:

  1. Select the settings tab.
  2. Select the general tab.
  3. Select the restrictions tab.
  4. Select the enable restrictions tab.

You are then asked to type in a password and then confirm it by typing it in again. Make sure you keep a record of the password so that you don’t forget it.

Once you have passed this process, you will then get taken to the ALLOW section where you are given the choice to disable a variety of first-party apps such as Siri, Safari, and FaceTime.

This option does not include apps that have been downloaded from another software company. At this point, you can swipe the toggle to the off position to disable the apps and this will prevent them from showing up on the home screen.

By tapping on the allowed content button, you can also place restrictions on the type of content that your children can view on their phones. In addition to this, you can select privacy to stop anyone from making changes to the privacy settings you have already put in place.

How to Set Time Limits For Apps

If you want to restrict the amount of time your children spend on their apps, you can also set time limits.

Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Tap on settings.
  2. Tap on screen time.
  3. Tap on App Limits.
  4. Tap on Add Limit.

You are then presented with a list of apps so that you can decide which ones you want to place restrictions on. You will then be asked to select the number of minutes or hours you want the restriction to be on for. You can also customize the days that you would like to have the restriction on. Select the add button so that your settings are saved.


It is important that you hide any passwords that you have created so that your children can not gain access. It is advised that you lock them in your own phone to ensure that they don’t find them.

iPhone Spy Apps

If you are looking for ways to monitor someone’s iPhone usage, take a look at 6 of the best iPhone spy apps for 2019. You may find here the ideal solution.

iPhone Spy Apps
iPhone Spy Apps | Image by prettysleepy1 from Pixabay

Smartphone spy apps can prove invaluable in many cases and have become a popular tool for people in a range of circumstances. Available for Android and iOS devices, these apps can help people such as parents or employers to monitor smartphone usage and benefit from greater peace of mind.

When it comes to smartphone spy apps for the iPhone, there are plenty of different ones you can choose from. This means that finding an app that is perfectly suited to your needs will not be a problem. In this article, we will look at some of the best iPhone spy apps for 2019.

Who Uses Spy Apps for iPhones?

You may wonder who would want to spy on the usage on a particular handset? Well, there are many people who can benefit from using iPhone spy apps in 2019. For instance, if you have kids or teens who have smartphones, you may often be worried about their safety online, as the internet can be a dangerous place. With spay apps, you can keep a closer eye on what your kids are up to on their smartphones.

In addition, these apps can prove useful for employers who want to ensure that staff members are doing what they should be doing – working. Many employees take advantage of having smart technology at their fingertips and use it for all sorts of personal reasons rather than work. This is something employers can identify with the help of these apps. In addition, GPS location tracking on the apps means that employers will not have to worry if an employee goes off radar for a while, as they can be tracked via the app.

Top iPhone spy apps to Choose From:

If you are considering using iPhone spy apps , it is important you do some research and look for the most suitable ones for your needs. The good news is that there are lots of choices, so you simply need to compare the apps available to determine which is going to be the right choice for you.

Sone of the best iPhone spy apps available for 2019 include:


Available for iPhones as well as other mobile phones and tablets, this software has become very popular with iPhone users. Once installed on the phone in question, you will have a code with which you can activate the app. You can then use the online portal for the app to remotely monitor activity on the phone. This includes accessing information relating to messaging services such as WhatsApp and texts, phone calls, and browsing history. App website: mSpy


Packed with features and offering powerful performance, this is one of the best spy apps for iPhones in 2019. Along with the more basic features that come with spy apps, it also offers call interception capabilities, which enables you to listen in on calls. However, the target handset will need to be rooted or jailbroken for this. The app records all sorts of activity including texts and emails, GPS, messaging, and social media among other things. There is a web portal and a mobile app through which activity can be monitored. App website: FlexiSpy


Available for both iOS and other platforms, this spy app offers a wide range of spy services to help you monitor phone usage effectively. This includes tracking calls, checking on social media usage and activity, looking at instant messages and emails, keylogging, and much more. The wide range of spy features that come with this app makes it a good choice for those that want total simplicity without compromising on features. App website: Spyera


This spy app for iPhones comes with a packed web panel that will enable you to easily monitor activity for the phone on which it has been installed. You can find out all sorts of information such as who the owner or user of the handset is calling, the texts that are being sent, social media usage, messaging, and much more. The app is very simple to download and activity on the phone can be monitored with total ease and convenience. App website: iKeyMonitor

Highster Mobile

One of the great things about this spy app for iPhones is that there is no monthly subscription involved. You simply make a one-off payment and you can then start using the app to learn more about the usage on a particular device. As with other iPhone spy apps, this one lets you monitor a range of activities with ease and convenience. This includes messages being sent, calls being made, social media use, emails, and GPS location information. App website: Highster Mobile


With many spy apps for iPhone, you have to ensure that the device is jailbroken before you can use the app. Well, with this app there is no need to worry about this as there is a version of the app that can be used on handsets that have not been jailbroken. This makes it even easier and more convenient to track and monitor activities taking place on the handset. You can perform a range of remote activities using the app in addition to monitoring usage. App website: Spyzie

These are some of the top spy apps for iPhone in 2019 and all of them offer powerful performance and efficiency when it comes to monitoring activity on iPhones.

The Final Word

The range of modern spy apps for iPhone can prove invaluable to many people and in a variety of situations. The key thing is to ensure you find the right app for your specific needs, and with many to choose from, this should not present any issues. You can compare different spy apps with ease and speed online, and you can also get some great deals on these apps making them more affordable. Just make sure you check the features and capabilities of each before you make your decision.

With more and more of these apps coming onto the market all the time, you should also keep your eyes peeled for any up and coming updates or new apps that may be suited to your needs.

Hope this iPhone spy apps article help you to understand more about the tools you can use.