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Mobile Spy App for Monitoring Chats

Mobile spy applications are very much a necessary tool for the parent who is concerned about their child using the Internet.  Let’s face it, letting your child on the Internet is no different than letting your child go out into the wild, except they don’t have to leave home to do it.  On the Internet, if they are not careful, within a matter of time, they will encounter far more than they are ready to handle.  This is why mobile spy applications are so popular.  It is not the goal of the parent to interfere with a child’s privacy, but to ensure that child grows up to have a life of their own where they can make all of their own decisions and can defend themselves.  Until then, it is up to the parents to keep an eye out for the bad guys…

And there are plenty of them.  In fact, according to an article appearing in “Journal of Adolescent Health,”as much as 18 percent of today’s youth spend a considerable amount of time in the online chat rooms, and it is in these very same chat rooms that children are initiated into sex crimes on the Internet.  Spy mobile apps for monitoring chats – it’s an important part of any mobile device monitoring application.Spy to Mobile programs include ways of tracking what is said in chat rooms so a parent can go over a conversation directly and if an issue arise a parent can approach the child.  With the spyware in place, the parent can take the necessary steps to keep a child safe from the would be predator lurking in the chat rooms online.

Mobile Spyware Monitoring Social Media Use and Interactions

Spy mobile phone programs are ideal for monitoring social media interactions as well, and this is also a good thing. The statistics do not lie and they can prove frightening.  For example, most parents don’t realize that some 65 percent of all sexual predators who pursue their victims via online means do so through the use of social media outlets.  The reason:  Because kids don’t realizing that there are just so many things you should share online and predators know the media sites will teach them about the child’s likes, dislikes, and interests.  This information is accumulated to use against the child later, as a lure, or as part of the grooming process.

Mobile Phone Spyware is a Preventative Tool

With as many as one out of every seven children, at some point in time, being solicited when using the Internet, and with over 50 percent of those cases being children who had been asked to send a stranger photograph( of the said photos nearly 30 percent we sexually themed), and with some four percent of kids getting solicitations that are not only sexual, but graphic and aggressive, a program like Spycontrol can be a parent’s best friend.  The statistics are no joke: about 70 percent of children who are solicited by someone online met up with the person later on.  The child might be solicited while playing games, instant messaging, talking with strangers, and in the chat rooms online.  With so much going against the child in the way of dangers, parents are the fail safe and that they are always protected.

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